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Redux and Car Mods Pack

  • Hey Guys i just bought my new GTX 1070 ..Soo I wanted to Install Redux Mod On my Gta 5(Orignal game No Mods Applied ever) But I also wanted to have Real Cars(Ferrari , Lamborghini ..etc) at High Defination

    As I am New To Mods and This Stuff, I was Curious to know How to Add Redux And Real Car mod(pack) In Deep Explanation

    And How to be safe While modding Gta 5 (not getting ban )


  • Congratulations on your purchase!

    • Before You Begin Modding
    Learn how easy it is to begin modding in GTA V by reading the very detailed tutorial by @Akila_Reigns :arrow_right: Click Here :arrow_left:. Don't get overwhelmed by the details, it's very simple stuff that you'll quickly get used to. Until you're accustomed to the basics, I'd suggest skipping the following sections in the tutorial:

    -Spawn add-on cars in traffic
    -Spawn add-on vehicles in a specific location
    -Editing Dispatch.meta

    • Redux
    When you download Redux you'll find that it comes with a .OIV (packaged file) which allows you to use OpenIV to install the mod automatically. Check out the Installation Guide and if you experience trouble, be sure to check out the Troubleshooting Guide. Drop by here if you need additional help.

    • Car Packs
    Similarly to Redux, there are car packs available that has .OIV (packaged file) such as Mega Realistic Car Pack 3.1 by ModCollection (The download link is in the video description) who has also made a video on how to install both Redux and the Car Pack (see videos below).

    • Other Info
    Remember to backup your stuff before making changes. If you have future questions or need help, just ask.

  • @Arbaazkhan said in Redux and Car Mods Pack:

    And How to be safe While modding GTA 5 (not getting ban )

    It's 100% safe to mod. When you read the tutorial -- you'll see that a mods folder is used for all mods which keep your original GTA V game files "vanilla". Mods are only usable in Story Mode (single player mode), and by removing a file named ScriptHook (you'll learn about that) you can safely play your game without mods online whenever you want, and when you're done playing online, easily switch back to the mods by replacing the ScriptHook file.

    Note: For future reference, GTA Online discussions are prohibited on this forum.

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