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Is there a way to change how auto spoilers tilt?

  • Pretty much says it all in the title. Just wanna know if this is possible and if so how to do it.

  • @Machyna in zmodeler 3 change the local axis of the Spoiler dummy.

  • I tried that no matter how i move or rotate the spoiler dummy it doesnt change in game.

  • @Machyna that's odd.

  • Basically when the spoiler goes up it tilts slightly forward without pressing the brakes. I want it to just go straight up and only tilt when brakes is applied.

  • @Machyna sorry. i think there might be a file that controls it. or an Animation clip. in vehicle's layout.

  • Guess ill keep on looking its such a simple thing that i want to do lol.

  • @Machyna sometimes, simple things matter the most. i hope you findout.

  • Yup, Oleg confirmed it can be done via the vehicles meta so its not a zmodeler issue.

  • @Machyna Good to know. which line did you have to change?

  • Still trying to find the lines but once i get it working ill let ya know

  • @Machyna ok , what di he say exactly? may be i can help.

  • He says there should be a rotation and slide parameters in the vehicle meta or some other meta files for the car.

  • vehicle.meta has nothing to do with it, automatic spoiler works as soon as the game detects both of the dummies(spoiler and struts) inside the hierarchy of a car file.
    Animation is applied to struts and spoiler dummies, therefor moving whatever mesh is made as compound of any of those 2 dummies, you can see the game removes deformation from those 2 dummies because of that very reason.

    If you wanna change that, you will need to change the animation directly, since dummy placement does nothing to the animation.

  • So does the spoiler always tilt slightly forward when moving upwards? Ive been looking thru the t20s meta files and havnt found anything so far :( might just be hardcoded i guess which really sucks

  • @Vans123 animclip

  • @FoxtrotDelta no, animclips require callouts from files like layout or vehicles.meta, spoilers and flaps are very deep into the game's data, same for the moving headlights or tropos, how can i say that? simple, tropos lights are triggered by the car's model name, automatic spoiler works on any kind of car,/truck as soon as "spoiler and struts" dummies are inside car's hierarchy.
    Alot of examples more, moving textures of vehicle_track material from mpbiker are "axis orientation" based and they have restrictions based in car model names too.

    I really dont think a simple animation, that works virtually with anything specified as compound of those 2 dummy names really require animationclip file to work, its something more simple, yet more deep into the game's code, it has to be a set of X,Y,Z displacement coords given from the game directly into those 2 dummies once the vehicle has reached a certain speed.

  • Thx for the replies both of you, i guess the spoiler wont react like the IRL one but ill try to get it as close as possible ^-^.

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