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U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65)

  • @IraqVet Are you saying that the point defense systems (i.e. the Phalanx CIWS & the Mk 144 Guided Missile Launcher) should be controlled by the AI, and then shoot at you if you enter a pre-determined zone, like how if you fly over Fort Zancudo, the soldiers will attempt to shoot you out of the sky and how P-996's spawn and try to blow you out of the air? If so, maybe a script could work. It is not my area of expertise, but if it were a static map object, perhaps a script could make it work, as in point defense systems and combat air patrols. I dunno. @Oskar? @FoxtrotDelta?

    I want to see someone convert the Enterprise or a Nimitz Class carrier to replace the stock carrier. The interior could be ripped from the current GTA V carrier and put in the new one. That, and implement point defense systems, doors, and - well, make it like Fort Zancudo - except at sea.

  • Actually I'm talking about how with the yachts you can activate the perimeter defense systems on the yachts so no one except you can come near it, like in online mode that way the defense systems will shoot down the police choppers and police boats as well as well as anything else that is not your character that comes near it. so you might be able to make an AI targeting script that will work in that manor that has an ini file so you can add addition targets if you want to such as military targets if you have military mod at 6 stars added, then like say on the main deck have one gun that fires cannon shells like on the tanks , gatlin guns, with missle pods on the side of the gun turret. and that one gun be player controlled while the rest are AI controlled. I've seen several different mods where each one does each individual thing I described but none scripted with the combo of each thing.

  • @IraqVet Oh. So... yeah. basically you want a point defense script, except the point defense won't target the player, only the cops.

  • exactly, and then have only one gun turret created somewhere on upper deck that is player controlled that has the main cannon with maybe what looks like 3 rocket launchers on the side of it as well as a gatlin gun on top that way the player can get inside of it and use it if the want to, to target anything else that has the switchable weapons like the tank does. I think doing it that way should work for everyone that's wanting the weapons to work. just a thought

  • @IraqVet since the script already exists in gta 5 natively you can ask any script modder and he can easily make it available for single player mode, just tag scripters. after making a request in the request section.

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