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[HELP] Helicopter mouse controls are suddenly completely broken

  • So I have no clue how this happened, it was like one minute to another, maybe I pressed a button or something went corrupt but I don't know, my helicopter mouse controls aren't working like they were anymore.

    It is hard to explain so I made a video on it:

    As you can see, it looks like I am holding the left mouse button to look around but I am not, instead I can look around freely AND my helicopter moves around, normally the mouse would be locked in the center, and you cant look around unless you hold the left mouse button. But it is broken now, what could've caused this, a handling.meta, vehicles meta?

    Also all the control settings in the menu are correct as well, so the problem is not there.

    Any help would be appreciated because I cant fly anymore :(

  • @FalqGTAV It looks normal for me, as I can look around freely when I'm flying.
    Check mouse settings, you might have disabled fly with mouse or something similar.

  • @Akila_Reigns

    That's odd, I found the video where it shows my original flight controls:

    In the video the view ''locks'' forward and you cant freelook unless you hold left mouse button and that is exactly what I want, did rockstar remove this/change it?

    Also, all the settings are set up so I fly with the mouse etc so no problem there

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