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New DLC Popup Lights Animation

  • So recently rockstar obviously updated to cunning stunts, and it brought us a the LAMPADATI TROPOS RALLYE. A very sexy and unique car I might say. This specific car brings an animation for popup lights into gta 5. Now most of us know that author "stillhere" had released a script to use any door you choose to behave as popup lights. But now we won't have to use that script if we can figure out how and where the script for the popup lights is for the tropos within the new dlc.rpf which has an animation. Recently I replaced the tropos model with my 180sx to test and see if the lights would popup and they did, it was a very smooth animation. But when I try to pop up lights using the same original scripts the lights don't pop up, but they move very little. Now there might be a value somewhere that could be telling the lights to go up at a certain angle using the xyz axis. I thought Id make this post to see if anyone would like to join me in searching for a solution. This would really make older cars with popup lights look very realistic.


    @ElyZium I also noticed that some days ago, and I really like it. I'm almost sure that will be something related with data/tuning parts files, because I replaced all model and data files of Tropos with BMW M1 ProCar car (real life based one) and popup lights doesn't work.

    So something related with that will be what does this function.

  • Well if you used @stillhere's automatic popup light script, your model should already be configured for popup lights. All you need to do is figure out what door you used for the popup lights and rename it to light_cover. The light_cover should contain two children, your headlight_r and headlight_l. That way its already on the correct axis to flip up and down. Might thought right now is that there is something in script having to do with light_cover. So if we can find something like that then we can possibly add it to our own vehicles. I will post an update if I find anything :)

  • Can some one make a kickass mod

  • @ElyZium please check handling.meta file and enteries of original car you are trying to copy animation from. usually axis rotations, angels and stuff like that are stored in handling.meta lines. i hope this helps. i am very interested in those animations too. as i can use them on my aircraft mods hopefully.

  • Vehicle can't use Tropos animation unless it's replaced by Tropos. Also, there is no way to change an angle of opening lights. So Rockstar is getting messy with us

  • @CP if lights rotate and open. i am sure its angle can be changed.!

  • Nope. It was the first thing which I did after new update for my IVPack - without success.

  • @CP hmm. when i have some spare time. i would like to try it once myself. i shall let you know if i succeed. and even if i fail.

  • @CP There has to be a way unless somehow they have something server sided. If the animation is there, there will always be a way. Just have to figure this thing out. Im narrowed down to the carcols file currently. I've tried the entire handling nothing works, and also the vehicles.meta. I wish there was a cat-log type of application that could log all the natives and scripts being ran in realtime of playing the game so we could see what the game is thinking.

  • @FoxtrotDelta The lights do move a bit, so im sure there is a rotation axes somewhere. Maybe they updated something in the update.rpf thats not in the dlc.rpf that calls for popup lights.

  • Does anyone know why in content.xml in files to enable the dlc name has CRC right after the name. But when you look at the dlc.rpf directory there are no files with such name. Is this a security check?

  • @ElyZium It's nothing related to files, I checked them twice.

  • @CP What do you think it could be then?

  • I can already tell you its not server sided. Still works when offline completely.

  • no, its not server sided. But can be easly inside the hundred of files that we dont have access. Let me remind you anything, T20's engine, engine vibration, lowriders hydraulic system cant be edited, nothing at all. Only t20 animation orientation can be changed slightly but like i said, animations are there somewhere but this with tropos is different, this is something deep...hell deep into the games core.
    why i think so? t20 spoiler, engine vibration and lowriders hydraulic system can be accessed by the player, even making new cars to have hydraulics or new cars have engine animation or autospoiler. This means somehow is "Public" you know, for any entity defined as vehicle to be able to access it.
    Tropos light "permission" seems to be locked, and again unlocked by the name of the modelfile. Thats why i think theres really not use in us searching for it at this "moment", when most of basic/core files inside the common and x64a.rpf folders are locked(compressed) and unaccessable to us

  • @Vans123 we need to find the location and format of them, good animation files!

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