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[Vehicle][Released] J-15A Flying Shark Carrier Based Aircraft.

  • The Shenyang J-15 (Chinese: 歼-15), also known as Flying Shark (Chinese: 飞鲨, Fēishā), is a carrier-based fighter aircraft in development by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the 601 Institute for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's aircraft carriers. An unfinished Su-33 prototype, the T-10K-3,[2] was acquired from Ukraine in 2001 and is said to have been studied extensively, with development on the J-15 beginning immediately afterward. While the J-15 appears to be structurally based on the Su-33, the indigenous fighter features Chinese technologies as well as avionics from the J-11B program.

    can be download from here: Download link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/j-15a-flying-shark-add-on-replace

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    alt text
    alt text
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    Features Current (v1.0)
    Single Seat Version. only 1 player can sit.
    Folding wings. just like Carrier bound Aircraft
    (Press E or Directional pad right from controller to unfold the wings)
    Functional Gauges/dials
    Moving Canards!
    Functional read view mirrors
    steering and controls Animation
    Chinese language dials and stuff in cockpit.
    Chinese Air force Weapons payload Strike version
    breakable Glass Canopy
    Realistic Air Brakes
    Real life Dimensions scaled accordingly.
    Chinese version Side winders.
    Glide bombs Chinese
    Landing gear animations.
    Headlights on Landing gear
    4 different Sirens
    Automatic Realistic Air intake & Retractible Dust Doors! for intake :)
    Agile, Highly maneuverable
    Custom Handling.
    Complete Lods
    Good collisions
    Weaponized As Chinese AirForce
    No thrust vectoring because Chinese don't,
    have a thrust Vectoring Engines yet.
    Entering Animation
    Ejection Seat Working.

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