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[SCRIPT] [PLAYER] Auto-Player

  • Could someone make a mod that applies an npc ai to the player(Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) when lets say "minus" is pressed?
    When "minus" is pressed, rules provided in the .ini file allow the following:

    • ONLY do campaign missions
    • ONLY do side quest
    • a ratio # of Campaign Missions : # of Side Missions, or maybe a \chance\ system where it has a chance to do 2-3 SM's but mostly does the CM's
    • Tweaked AI for player to:
      • only see what's in front of him
      • use curtain driving algorithms depending on the situation (ex: hiding from cops may use the speed chase AI, thing...)
      • be slightly smarter than peds
      • "there should be more, I just can't think of them.:sweat_smile:"
    • Added AI for player to:
      if the player wants a vehicle && if there are no parked cars within a certain radius |->| stand in front of a car until it stops. then proceed to steal it...
      • "again, there should be more, i can't think of them right not.:sweat_smile:"

    What could this be used for? What I had imagined is that it would help clean up player movements for making cool cinematics of the GTA 5 SP gameplay. It could also be used to watch the game like a movie without being distracted by being shot at...

    (not required) If this mod/script starts getting made, I would like to help work with the developer on "more" planning of this mod/script. I have no coding skill except for the very very basic understanding of JS (practically nothing). I just want to feel like I did something other than help spark an idea.

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