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Is There a Shortage of Pop Culture [VEHICLE]s?

  • Seems like there's a shortage of certain vehicles from classics, no?

    I don't know how many different versions of the "Batmobile" there are, but there is only one "Ghostbusters Ambulance" (that sounds like it could use an upgrade) from what I can tell. There's no "Bluesmobile" Dodge Monaco, no "Christine" Plymouth Fury.

    "Death Proof" (1969) Charger? (1970) Nova?

    1973 Chevy Malibu from "Drive?" Vincent Vega's (1964) Malibu from Pulp Fiction? The Checkered Cab from "Taxi Driver?" Popeye Doyle's 1971 Pontiac LeMans from "French Connection?" James Dean's famously 'cursed' Spyder the "Little Bastard?" (or at least its paint job, since I don't know if there's a model difference to the one that exists on here.) No add-on version of the 1967 Impala from "Supernatural?"

    Bikes either. What about Steve McQueen's motorcycle from "The Great Escape" that would be... great. Even EVA's Triumph Bonneville T100, from the end, or IMZ-Ural M-72, from the beginning of "Metal Gear Solid 3" would kick ass!

    Am I crazy? I'm not even a gearhead and I noticed this. The absence of any of these vehicles is (really) unsurprising, the absence of almost ALL of them seems very bizarre.

    Maybe we have a lot of modders who are movie fans, and a lot of modders who are car fans, but not a lot of overlap? Either way, I thought I'd point this out, in case anyone decides any of these sound like a job for them. It would be so cool to have them

  • Like the same week I posted this.



    Must have been working on it for a while. Anybody happen to know if there's a difference between the 69 and 70 models? Just out of curiosity

  • I agree, there's so much that's not in the game yet, I think partly because GTA SA was out so long that many mods were made over time, GTA 5 isn't too old with mods so maybe in due time we will get more stuff

  • To be honest, most people probably are from a generation where they don't know older movies and thus cult cars. If you mention Eleanor, (almost) everybody thinks of a retro '67 Shelby GT500 in silver, although that car is just from the Nic Cage remake so to say.

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