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[VEHICLE][WIP]Liaoning CV-16 (Chinese Navay Aircraft Carrier) [Drivable]

  • Liaoning (16) (Chinese: 辽宁舰; pinyin: Liáoníng Jiàn), is the first aircraft carrier commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force. It is classified as a training ship, intended to allow the Navy to practice with carrier usage.

    its not easy converting This HUGE watercraft into GTA 5 mainly Collisions are the problem. but i am nearly done like 75% work is done. but i do have to Add aircraft like J-15A, J-31B and Z-9 helicopters on the deck. fire turks may be . we shall see. will be releasing it when ready! or may be when Watercraft/boats/ships season is on ;) keep tuned, any suggestions are welcome :airplane:

    video link below: note i Had to Reduce Video quality to reduce the upload size of the video From 7GB's to mere 400 Mbs so Video quality might not be very good. but its just for us modders to have an idea and have a meaningful discussion try setting quality of the video to 1080p quality it might be still useful.!

    The video is very old and from Alpha stage day 1 of mod making, it has been three days of work now. and it has improved alot. including handling. speed and collisions. the video is of very early stage . alot has improved since then. will update video in a week's time. with fully functional features when done. God willing. in the meanwhile, please have a look of what is to come, and leave meaningful positive suggestions :) thank you.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    @FoxtrotDelta Wow, looks stunning, waiting <3

  • @Reyser it will take a week i think. may be less. 4 days? lets see. im tired going to sleep now. !

  • Looks cool, keep up the good work!

  • @Oskar Thanks :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta "fire turks" lol. It's in the description.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 ;) its chinese First aircraft carrier, who knows what might happen ? right? lol. Just kidding , i don't know why! but the model had like one Fuel tanker truck and a Fire truck on the Deck. may be its a standard with CV-16 i don't know. anyways its fun. i will be adding cool stuff on top of this Deck. this project is tiresome!

  • @nathanjamesddg151 this is really awesome dude , i just saw it in your J-15A Flying Shark post , and immediatly came here to see if it was a wip :D

  • @ChOcOsKiZo yes it is a Work in progress for now. as i want it to be derivable, when i make it derivable, Aircraft on top and cars/turks fall off. i need to find a work around for it. but i think it can be done Soon. God willing.

  • @ChOcOsKiZo This Forum is a Good thing yea?

    @rappo its helping People. this is what we needed! Thanks a lot. Once again for the forums section :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in [Vehicle][WIP]Liaoning Aircraft Carrier CV-16 [Drivable]:

    @ChOcOsKiZo This Forum is a Good thing yea?

    @rappo its helping People. this is what we needed! Thanks a lot. Once again for the forums section :)

    yes it's a great idea , this was really needed ;)

  • @ChOcOsKiZo I think you meant @FoxtrotDelta. I am working on a different warship mod, that is taking forever due to so many complications.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Collisions man. they take the hole time out. !

  • @FoxtrotDelta I'm thinking maybe using a script to spawn the airtugs firetrucks fueltankers aircrafts etc on the ship
    then you can lock them on-board when cruising so they wont fall into the sea easily,when you want them to fall,simply unlock them
    kinda like this scipt:https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/car-carrier-trailer-mod
    giving the ability to lock and unlock the cars on the trailer.
    And once the script is done,this can be also used for both skyline's and Embraer's aircraft-carriers

  • @Elope but who would help us make the script? i have no knowledge of scripting. ! and wait till you see the video of direvable carrier. will post shortly. im excited too.! Help me out with the Lock script ! i shall test the script you just posted may be it shall work by default. we shall see. im working on it as we speak. Thanks for the useful Input. you have many suggestions for it i know. and its your nation's carrier as well. i shall try to implement all your suggestions. one by one.

  • @Elope oh i see now. i now know, who to call. @ImNotMental xiongdi hui bang mang women ma? we need your help for locking stuff ontop of this carrier. may he spawning them too, its too early to say but
    i think it can be done with your help. so what say?


    @FoxtrotDelta sure man, piece of cake, but i might add, isn't it better if you make the things you want to stick on the aircraft carrier an extra?

  • @ImNotMentaL i have tried that. but it gives limited options. p.s you can't drive extras can you?


    @FoxtrotDelta ok, but the entity attached to the carrier will not have collisions, means you can walk through it when it attached to the ship

  • @ImNotMentaL do you mean while they are locked? or even when unlocked?


    @FoxtrotDelta what do you mean by lock and unlock? The car door?

  • @ImNotMentaL 就是attach和detach啦0 0我之前和他说的时候用错词了……

  • @ImNotMentaL 现在的想法就是把舰载机,拖车,油罐车什么的刷出,固定在甲板上,就和你之前那个拖车脚本里把车固定在拖车上一样的原理

  • @Elope 有时间我们try 一下。 看看怎么会事儿。 我在搞定航母的collisions.有点儿麻烦。可是能做到。

  • @ImNotMentaL lock like attached , locked in one place. GLUED . so that stuff does not fall off the carrier when big waves come. or when the carrier takes a turn. i am going to upload a video here. that way you guys will understand what i mean. 等一个小时我吧video upload 一下。然后你们两个会知道我有啥问题。 @Elope

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