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**Help please** Crash Upon Entering cars, and it's get buggy on bikes.

  • I couldn't play the game since last couples updates. I've tried re-installed several mods that relevant to cars or handling, but it does not fix the issues.

    Solution from this topic does not help either.
    also I've turning music scan off.

    Anybody have good solution to fix the issue, please help.

    I just want to get back on GTA V


  • @peamt did you get latest gameconfig file? compatible with your version of the game?

  • @FoxtrotDelta yes, I've tried change my gameconfig.xml several game config from various modders. It still didn't work

    Thanks for helping tho.

  • @peamtk I had this issue with vans123 LaFerrari 2.0 but i turned it into a replace car and replaced the Cheetah. The game would crash everytime I opened the car door. I fixed it by editing the vehicles.meta file. I had to change the <layout> line to one from a different car and i believe the aimcameraname and bonnentcameraname lines.

  • Also if the car doesnt have vehiclelayouts info it may crash the game when entering it.

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