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[Script] [WIP] Aircraft Jet Blast

  • This mod is available on 5mods via this link :

    Latest beta download link : https://github.com/CamxxCore/GTAV_JetThrustPhysics/releases/tag/v0.5-pre-alpha

    Original post : I was playing around around Los Santos, robbing banks, blowing up cars, killing people and trying new shoes and then, came an idea to my mind. Let's rob a plane at the airport !
    After entering the very well-protected airport (lol), i started a boeing 747 and... waited a bit for the cops to arrive. I thought "hey, would be fun to see them try to get out of their cars they park just behind the reactors !" Cops arrived, stopped their Crown Vics behind the plane. I increased the power in all the reactors, preparing myself to see the cops fly :D
    Was i naïve. Even if they were 50 centimeters close from the engines, they wouldn't be blasted away in the air. Deception. Not realistic, and not fun either :/

    So i'm making this request to scripters (because i'm not good at all at scripting) : would it be possible to blast people and vehicles in the air, according to the engine exhaust position (and maybe the acceleration of the engines ?)

    That would be one of the features that would improve the overall experience in GTA 5 with planes and their surroundings, and maybe, who knows, inspire R* for their next games :)

    alt text
    Tagging @LeeC2202, @Ortega, @CamxxCore (the best scripters i know this far), @SkylineGTRFreak, @FoxtrotDelta, @Akila_Reigns (plane enthusiasts) :slight_smile:

    • list item

  • @TheSigui I actually floated this by @Oskar but he mentioned that there would be a few problems with making this script. Something about performance issues.

  • @TheSigui Script needed.

  • I'll try it once I've got some time again.

  • Best thing is... There is even a single player mission (where you chase molly) where the cop cars get blown away by the blast (and molly sucked in). Wondering why they only did this in a misison :/

  • Hehe would be fun to mulch down people with the reactors, using the plane as a weapon... this is GTA after all :D

  • @TheSigui Awesome idea! Surprised no one has done this yet... I am tempted to make it.

  • @CamxxCore im sure you can do it.

  • @TheSigui The engine of the lazer/Hydra/besra do blow people away (but not very far) as I can remember :D

  • @kingle92 Yep, still on this one, the blast has to be huuuge and for every plane :)

  • @CamxxCore You sure can make it, sir

  • @TheSigui Also IRL we can't just stand in front of a working jet engine, you know what happens.

  • @Akila_Reigns Something like this might happen: alt text

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Yeah, something like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • @Akila_Reigns I'm Superman (but don't tell anyone). :wink:

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Sure, np. :)

    As far as I can remember, both Fort Zancudo and LS airport have jet blast deflectors. I can't believe R* didn't include this.

  • First look at the script-

    (Btw I use f.lux and forgot to disable it so sorry if the video is a bit.. yellowish..)

    Still needs work, but definitely a good start :D My goal is to make the force emitted from the turbines as realistic as possible.. I'm considering adding some particles fx on the ground behind the turbines to simulate the disturbance of the grass/ dirt to add yet another layer of realism.

    This is the video i'm using for reference-

  • @CamxxCore This is only the beginning, but definitely a good starting point.
    1 : Looks awesome
    2 : It is awesome
    3 : Realistic
    4 : Fun
    ...It's how the game should have been ! :)
    Edit : i hope this video can help you too

  • @CamxxCore will this also apply to NPC planes within a certain radius?

  • @CamxxCore you did it like a Pro!

  • @CamxxCore Holy hell, this looks realistic :o Is it always the same strength or varying? (I know I'm nitpicky, but a Luxor sized aircraft probably wouldn't blast away a car that much)

  • Also, i've realised something else isn't very realistic... At the beginning of takeoff, there isn't the small delay between when you increase the power and when the plane actually accelerates, meaning you don't feel the force of the engines pushing tons of metal behind you. On ground, the plane just accelerates like a car.
    I dunno if a change of this should be included in this script tho.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak As you probably know, it is not the size of the plane that matters, it is the size of the engines. Both of the engines on an F-14 would put out a similar amount of thrust as a 747 engine, despite the fact an F-14 is smaller. But I feel like this script is more for effect than realism, and that is where the power of imagination comes in. :smile:

  • @SkylineGTRFreak "Holy hell" lmao

  • @nathanjamesddg151 yes! My plan is for this to work seamlessly as if it were something already present in the game. Any vehicles with jet engines (regardless of whose driving) will be supported.

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