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[Script] [WIP] Aircraft Jet Blast

  • @Think_Tank Just wait... It can take time.

  • @TheSigui said in [Script][Aircraft] Jet Blast script:

    @CamxxCore Well i think there should be a very little thrust force when reversing compared to the one when accelerating...
    For example, this shouldn't happen :
    (it's a gif don't worry)

    Instead, the campervan should be pushed the other way a little bit.

    Just been reading an interesting couple of pages on StackExchange about thrust reversal systems, the various types and how they reduce/redirect thrust. I had no idea how they worked, so I was intrigued to find out.

    One of the aircraft that was used as an example would only allow approx 84% of full thrust when the reversal system was deployed and of that 84%, between 35% - 50% of the thrust was redirected sideways, leaving approximately 30% of thrust being applied backwards.

    There are system that don't pass through any thrust but I suspect that being able to detect the thrust reversal type on game aircraft probably can't be done. This could be one of those types of mod where it looking right, might require different figures to what would physically be right.

    Maybe that 30% is a good starting point?

  • @LeeC2202 Say, any way this could be done without scripts? I guess not, huh?

  • @LeeC2202 I see. So for the previous example, with the campervan, it would still go backwards, but with 70% less force right ?
    Maybe some thrust can also be applied on the sides, but for this i'm not sure

  • @Think_Tank I would be lying to myself if I said yes or no either way, because I honestly don't know what the game is capable of.

    I spend almost zero time in the aircraft, so I hadn't even thought about this until seeing this topic. It would all depend on whether there was anything in the game that already applies this to some extent, meaning you had something to manipulate/increase.

    Do you know if there is any data in the game files that relates to this kind of force being applied from jet engines?

  • @TheSigui That would seem like a reasonable figure. I don't think I would consider the sideways force because it is deflected force, so the effect is probably that small that it would be negligible.

    You'd also have to start calculating a radial force on all engines, so you're ramping up the physics calculations for what might be little benefit.

    That being said, it would be stupid of me to underestimate the ability of @CamxxCore Without his help, my helicopter mod would not exist in its current state. So anything is possible when you have a good driver at the wheel. :)

  • @LeeC2202 I never looked in the files (to be honest, i don't have the game, computer too weak, still modding it with some home made shirt graphics, i can't change my profile pic for some reason to show you, as my profile pic is one of them.) But after reading the thread, I assume that it's scripted when it happens, so unless I can ask Mkeezay30 (he would know for sure, but he's off skype) about it, I can't help you. But who knows, maybe there is. Mkeezay30 found files for reflections in car mirrors, who else knows what they have but don't use?

  • @Think_Tank That's it, in a lot of games, there are things that got onto the design table but were canned partway through as time was running out. In those cases, it's often easier to leave bits of code in there, rather than remove it and risk breaking something you've forgot about, that might just be using part of it.

    That's how people found part of a buggy in No Man's Sky. It was probably part added, then left there to avoid any problems. If something gets left in a game, there will always be someone to find it... Hot Coffee being the prime example. :D

    With all the things that we end up scripting, it would be so much better if we could use what the game used, because that's optimised for the game. We're always bolting-on stuff that is bound to impact something, it's great when it works but failure is always just one script mod away.

  • @Think_Tank Ha ! you've got the same problem as me about the profile pic.

  • @LeeC2202 That is very right !

  • I guess the fact that the large jets can reverse taxi at all is already defeating the realism, so adding reverse thrust is probably not as big of a deal. I will take your findings into consideration, lee.

  • @CamxxCore @TheSigui Hmmmm... interestingly I was asking @LeeC2202 whether he can do this script 11 days ago XD, sadly he never answered me.....
    Anyway fantastic work!Camxxcore u think if there'll be a problem with addon vehicles?like addon jumbo jets dont have the engine blast and addon cars dont get blown away...
    And will there be a problem when other jumbo jets or skyline's WIP Arleigh Burke class destroyer & Dallas Class Sub get blown away ??

  • @Elope uh... we shouldn't be spawning boats on the tarmac, and hopefully the mass of the Nathan James will be increased, which should prevent that from happening.

  • @CamxxCore So basiclly this is what I wrote to LeeC2202 week ago, dunno if it would do any help,or it's completely useless :P

    Um...sir I know you're busy on your helicopter effect script now but can you have a look of a script I'm having in mind :D
    Dont we all hate that jumbo jets dont do the same 'blow job' when used by players as in the mission where the secretary got blended in the jet engine ?
    Just think how many cinematic screenshots and videos can be done with cops and cars blown away by the jet engine XD
    I'm thinking this script should be easier than the heli one...
    just check the vehicle hash as one of the jumbo jets (Ah and ADDON support pls),check where's the engine dummy,check vehicles/peds/objects infront of/behind the jet engine and put a force on it towards the dummy XD
    *if it's in front of the engine,then put a force toward it,if behind,put a force to the opposite

    And maybe a hash check for the one got suck/blown,we dont want another jumbo jet got blown away behind us XD
    thanks for reading anyway :)

  • @nathanjamesddg151 well I luv doing low altitude flying aroud the Pacific XD,just making sure that there wont be a dallas class blown out of water when I do that lol

  • @Elope I don't think the Nathan James will be randomly spawning in the ocean because of the massive size of this mod, but other smaller boats might be affected by this.

  • @Elope Well i have quite a lot of civillian jets as add-ons (a380, dc10f, a320, b707 etc...) but the only plane on wich the script doesn't work is... the a-10 warthog xD

  • @Elope You're right... I didn't get round to answering you... I don't always get chance to answer when the messages appear and if I don't, next day I can forget they are there. I have the same problem when I write code, some days I can write something and the next day I have to go back over what I wrote to remind myself of what I did.

    I didn't mean to ignore your message, it just sadly sometimes happens... sorry. :( :blush:

  • @nathanjamesddg151 I think smaller size boats do get blown away...well I editted the carvariation.meta so I actually get the james patrolling the water near the airport in my game XD,
    @LeeC2202 That's alright :),gladly the script actually starts to be built,so wonderful

  • @Elope really? damn... should make it patrol around Fort Zancudo and in the deep blue (far offshore).

  • @nathanjamesddg151 that's what I can do with the carvariation file....to restrict it near the beaches,otherwise it might spawn in the huge lake (forgot the name due to long time not being able to play the game)And remember there's the merryweather base at the port?where there's a sub being built?that's kinda a Navy base so I'm happy with the result
    it's basiclly impossible to restrict the james to spawn near fort zancudo natively,can be done with scripts though.

  • @Elope Oh yeah...

  • @TheSigui hmmmm think it might because of the engine dummy not put properly?since it's one of skyline's early works....how do the fighter jets work :D ?
    And do jets get blown away as well?I'm so curious and sadly I cant touch the game in half a year :( ,not until I return to china and get a hold of my desktop

  • @Elope Its a great idea. I was just surprised no one had made it before :p

    As far as add-ons go, the script will work fine so long as the vehicle uses the exhaust_* dummy/ bones properly. The script will check for up to 6 dummies (This could be increased, but I don't think there are any planes with more than 6 turbines). It also checks for an "afterburner" dummy and uses that if nothing else is found.

  • @CamxxCore Could it make npcs burn if there is an afterburner ? Would be fun to use this with Trevor lol

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