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[help] How to configure vehicle_detail2 bump_map

  • Hi. Could help me with some tutorial about how to use material "vehicle_detail2". I have problems with detail2 bumpmap. I have copied uv1 to uv2 and using detailSettings: 1, 1, 10, 10,

    Help please

    On zmodeler 3
    alt text
    Here are some configurations

    On GTA V
    alt text

    Thank you

  • I dont recomend to use vehicle_detail2 for interior materials. Because its designeg for default vehicles and textures, and as i know use kinda autogenerated bump mapping. Better use vehicle_mesh with black texture on dirt texture slot

  • @Yarm1995 i agree. vehcle_mesh is better

  • And the difficult way, what is it ?.
    Using vehicle_detail2. Or is there no way to solve it?

  • @Mastarius not easy. its Better looking. it looks better. vehicle_mesh

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