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[SOLVED] Bicycle animation bug? Help please..

  • Okay so, the mods that I have installed on are add-on cars.. a bunch of them, weapon sounds, few weapon mods, and edited handling.meta.

    Everytime I try to hop on a bicycle, my character just freezes like its doing the manikin challenge.. the game does not freeze anything, just the player model and he just won't hop on, I can walk away from the bike again normally, same happens for other npcs if they try to hop on a bicycle.. they just freeze.

    I have other .asi mods and scripts installed but I know that does not effect it, because if I remove the openiv.asi which disables the edited .rpfs (mod folder) everything works fine.

    So my request is, any one knows what file in any of the rpfs that effects this? maybe I edited something by mistake while trying out some mods. Atleast if I know which file is causing the issue I can replace it with the original file and that will probably solve it.

    Here are screen shots of how it looks like.


    Thank you

  • So copied the files from the mod folder out and deleted them, to try to to make a new one from scratch, and so I put my add-on cars only and replaced the gameconfig but when I load the game crashes with this this err_fil_pack_1 error after loading story mode.

    But If i copy back the old files back into the mod folder it works fine (but the bicycle bug is still there) even though using the same file like gameconfig in the new attempt.. Im so confused

  • @OGKnowledge What happens if you rename your mods (to modsxxx for example) folder, so that no mods are loaded?

  • @LeeC2202 You mean the open iv mods folder? Hmm.. did not try that, but the game runs fine without mods. If disable openiv.asi which doesnt load the mod folder in the game, the game would run without the bug

  • @OGKnowledge Sorry, that's my fault for not reading your first post properly, I completely missed where you had disabled OpenIV, sorry about that. :(

    If it was me, I would be tempted to rename your existing mods folder, just temporarily. Create a new clean one and just install your mods again in groups. So install the weapon mods, check the game... then install the addon car mods and check the game again. If you still have no crash at this point, add the handling.meta and check for one last time.

    It's a real pain to do, but what you need to do is eliminate things one by one. It could be a clash between the addon cars and the handling.meta which is why I suggest leaving that till last. Because if everything is okay up to that point, you will just need to replace that one meta file, instead of all the mods.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay I tried now to rename the mods folder to something else, and the game would load normally but without mods. as If i disabled the open iv plug in.

  • @OGKnowledge Ok, so I think you're going to have to try and rebuild your mods folder piece by piece then. That's the only way you're going to work out which mod is causing the problem.

  • @LeeC2202 Oh man, that is going to be a long process, the add-on cars are a lot, but yeah guess I'm going to have to do it again mod by mod. I'll go through that today and see if any causes the issue.

    But see what I mentioned in my second post, When I tried to create a new clean one, and I tried to only put the add-on car mods in the game, but I copied them all at once. the game wouldnt run, after loading story mode, it would crash and give me "err_fil_pack_1 please reboot and restart your game" Which is weird because I used the same gameconfig file that I was using before.

  • @OGKnowledge When you put the addon cars back in, did you put the edited dlclist.xml back in as well as the gameconfig file?

  • @LeeC2202 Yes ofc. See now I put one add-on car, the game didnt crash and the bicycle bug not there anymore. Gonna keep going and see if any issues happen

  • @OGKnowledge I only asked about that file just in case there might have been an error in it. I have seen crashes caused by a simple missing > in that file.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay, so I started adding one by one, then 5 by 5.. all is working fine until 36 add-on vehicles.. If i go above that, boom crash with that same error. the same add-on car thats causing the crash can be added and work properly but I have to delete one of the 36 installed ones.. which is weird.. because I had more than that and they were working fine. plus im using the same files.. what could have went wrong?

  • @OGKnowledge Sorry for the delayed reply, our timezones are out of sync.

    I have found the latest version to be really unstable with addons. I have 33 separate addons but one of those is a pack of 10 combined. The secret seems to be to combine individual cars into packs of addons, instead of using them one-by-one. I know there are some users with over 100 addons, so it is possible.

    If I use it in Windows 10, I have had it crash with just a single addon, it's a real pain... older versions were much more stable, which is why I keep my Windows 10 version rolled back to 678.

    All I can suggest, is that you try and combine individual cars into packs of 5 or 10, and see if that helps. I keep meaning to do it with mine but I need time to understand it, because it can be tricky.

  • @LeeC2202 Its okay man, really appreciate your help with this.

    Hmm.. I don't really know how to do that.. I tried before trying to make a replace car mod into an add on but i failed miserably..

    As far as I know it may have something to do with gameconfig. A while ago my game would crash on loading if I had more than 5 add-on cars, Then I downloaded another gameconfig from another uploader (the one i have now) for the same game build and it all worked fine. well up till now.

    I Guess I have to try to find a simple tutorial or something on combining add-ons. Any tips?

  • @OGKnowledge Is this the gameconfig you're using? https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

    I use that one, as do many others.

    As for tips: Practice doing a single replace to addon first and make sure you have that working. Download something that has an addon and replace version in the same mod, create the addon on your own, then compare it to the addon that comes with the mod. When you are creating the same as what is in the mod, then you will be on the right track.

    When you can make a single addon, making a pack is basically adding several addons together. So all the vehicles.meta files will need to be combined into one, all the carvariations files will need to be combined into one. All the model parts all go into one vehicles.rpf inside the dlc pack. I haven't done it yet, been too busy writing mods to get chance.

    But take things slow, get one addon made, then add just one more to that pack. Once you successfully get two in a pack, the rest will be easier. The biggest thing you have to watch out for, is modders using different dlc.path layouts. This thread https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/222/tutorial-vehicles-weapons-replacers-to-add-on-s-and-vice-versa and this modders base folders are really useful, that's where I learned to make an addon from.

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah thats the one I'm using that used to work before.

    Yeah thats the same tutorial I was using to tried to convert replacer to add-on before but couldnt.

    Guess I'l have to to try to take my time and learn how to do it.

    Whats getting to me though is why, why when I use my old mod folder instead of this fresh one I made, I can put so many add-on cars normally without crashing.

  • @OGKnowledge That is strange that you had less crashing with another mods folder... I have to confess, I don't understand how this game can be so different from one moment to the next, even on the same machine.

    I'm sorry I haven't been able to give you more reliable information... this is the first time I have ever modded a GTAV game and while I can get to grips with the scripting side of things, the game configuration side is mind-bending at times. I have to just approach things as if it was a programming problem but it doesn't always work, as you have discovered.

    Update the thread as you progress and if I learn anything new that I think will help, I'll post it here... I'll carry on watching the thread though, just in case something comes up.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay, so good news and bad news, bad news I tried and tried I couldnt get through this combining thing, the tutorial is too simple and easy but the process is more complicated, so I stopped.

    I loaded my old mod folder, which had all the add-on car mods work but gave me that weird bicycle bug, and compared it to my new mod folder, and started copying files from the new mod folder to the old one, file by file to see if anything changes in game every time I do so. while keeping only the add-on files.

    After a very long process I found where the issue lays but cant pin point it exactly or find a solution.

    I noticed in my new mod folder in mods\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch there was a folder called patchday1ng that was not present in my old mod folder in the same path. So i copied it over there. and bam it crashes like in the new mod folder with (err_pack_fil_1) for having too many add-ons. If i disable most of the addons it works and the bicycle bug is gone as well, but If i enable the add-ons It would crash, unless I delete the patchday1ng folder and it will work but with the bicycle bug present.

    Have no Idea whats going on

  • @LeeC2202 More digging into the patchday1ng folder in dlc_patch..

    Found out its the content.xml in that folder, so to conclude so far'

    Keep content.xml in patchday1ng = Able to ride bicycles, but crash with add-on cars
    delete content.xml in patchday1ng = unable to ride bicycles, but able to have as many add-on cars as I want

    fml whats this ultimatum I want a solution.

  • @OGKnowledge I was going to write a tool to do the combining process but then I discovered that people were making their addons different from each other, so there was no consistent data I could rely on. I've been slowly rebuilding any addons, so that they are all done the exact same way... that should make it easier to combine them... in theory.

    Patchday1ng is an old folder and seems an unusual one to have in the mods folder. I wonder if something that was in there, has been updated in a later patchday folder and is causing a clash? Have you been able to identify which mod it was that needed to be installed in that folder?

  • @LeeC2202 No mods are installed in that folder, Yeah none of my mods required anything in patchday1ng. the folder wasnt even there in my old mods folder that I was using before, But was there in the new one I made from scratch.

    Only files in that folder are setup2.xml, content.xml and extrafoldermount.xml.. content.xml is the one causing the issue.

    Can content.xml be edited to try to work around? but that that means we have to pin point the exact source of the clash right. If its even a matter of mods clashing cuz nothing was installed there to begin with

  • @OGKnowledge I've just been looking through that conten.xml file and I found a reference to some animations in clip_veh@.rpf. In there, are some bicycle related anims... I wonder if they have anything to do with this problem?

    Have you tried copying the original patchday1ng folder into the mods folder in place of the one that is there?

  • @LeeC2202 Yup, I copied the original instead and same thing, If I keep it the bicycle anim will work properly but the add on cars wont

  • @OGKnowledge That is just bizarre... I can't see any real connection between... or maybe I can.

    Do any of the addon cars you have installed, use any of the cars in that patchday1ng folder for anything? Maybe sounds, interior, dials etc...? I know a lot of addon cars still use the internal cars for certain things, I wonder if that's the clash.

    I'm really clutching at straws here, trying to think of any possible way there could be a connection between that folder and your addon cars. It is so difficult to diagnose from a distance...

    I'm fast approaching the limits of my knowledge on the internals of the GTAV mod files, I'm no expert on this, I'm just trying to apply programming logic to it all.

  • @LeeC2202 Im not sure if any of them use anything thats in that folder. I don't think that is it, because if patchday1ng is there it will allow addon cars but only a few of them, If i have only little of them it will work, but If i exceed a certain number of add on cars, it will crash regardless of the type of car installed and what it uses. I can keep switching them and the same thing happens.

    Something in content.xml in patchday1ng is causing this, so this is a theory: the game runs fine without that file, except of that bicycle bug (as far as i know thats the only thing) so.. if the lines in content.xml thats causing the conflict with the addons can be recognized and then removed from the file. think that would eliminate the issue with the addons and at the same time fix the bicycle bug since the file is still gonna be there?

    But yet again how am I gonna find out exactly which lines are interfering with the addons and giving this "err_fil_pack_1" crash

    Again @LeeC2202 I really appreciate all your efforts on assisting me with this. Thank you

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