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Port a john removal.... please

  • So I am a mom who pays for box live for my kid whom some modder has turned into a port a john! Ha ha it's funny for a while, ha ha- so now how the heck does he get the thing off? It's not funny anymore- just rude and annoying. He's not a modder and he doesn't know how to do it. If someone wouldn't mind helping that'd. E cool.


    @Ladyofkris Is this on the PC or Xbox? Because it sounds like this is online and for the Xbox. This community is really for offline mods for the PC. From what you are writing, this sounds like this is a console issue, more specifically an RGH (reset glitch hack) if it is indeed an Xbox. This is not my area of expertise, but if this is an online thing, then restarting the Xbox should solve it (I used to play console, and my friend did this all the time), however, I can assume that this has already been tried. My best advice would be (if this is a console matter) to find a console forum and ask this question there, but if this is a PC matter, wait for someone more experienced than I am to help you.

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