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Why is it so difficult to create single mod that creates a folder to simply add on and replace mods?

  • To me, GTA 5 is the worst game yet in the GTA series for modding, the patchday#ng modding is so confusing, I hate it.
    And few mods do anything to fix the issue.

    EasyModFolder is ok, and even then some people say their game can't handle more than a certain amount of mods because after that they crash. And other mods are add on cars and don't do anything for replacements.
    I just dont understand, is it a limit with the game?

  • I can't understand this clearly. You say it's confusing, but then you said something about limitations. Can you please make it more clearer?

  • @jurr you are misinformed, you can have as many mods installed as you want, add on or replace both. if the game crashes. it means you don't have the customized gameconfig file. once you have that file. you can add as many mods as you want. some gameconfig files have limitations like 300 mods or so. but there are ones, with unlimited add on capability.

  • Sorry, what I mean to say basically is why isn't it possible to make a single most folder like easy mod folder (EMF) but that allows you to just drop in add-ons and drop in replacement cars without having to do anything else like have to go edit a content xml file after doing it or having to drop the tuning parts of a car in another file.

    @FoxtrotDelta why don't the mod creators (that have addons) make their mod size able to be greater than 300 cars?

  • @jurr it can be more than 300 add ons, depends on the gameconfig file.

  • @jurr

    @FoxtrotDelta said in Why is it so difficult to create single mod that creates a folder to simply add on and replace mods?:

    @jurr it can be more than 300 add ons, depends on the gameconfig file.

    That, and it also doesn't help that whenever Rockstar updates their game, they also change the way the files work too, so some mods have to be updated again.

    Limitations are a different thing. I agree-disagree with the fact that GTA 5 is awful for modding. What makes me agree is that it's a real pain in the ass to install mods, I agree, but this should be more so directed to the modding community so that some random person will come and fix the issue. Also don't have a shit-ton of script mods like I do.

    I had also seen a page once (source: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/204511957-GTA-V-On-PC-Not-working-with-Windows-10) about GTA 5 not working on Windows 10. Read the comment underneath. Apparently GTA 5 is not supported for Windows 10, and while it may work, does not mean you won't start running into problems.

    I'll list some of my experiences, these may match for others too (comment if it does)

    My first experience was fine. Played the first mission in Los Santos, drove around LS making money, all that stuff. Then I decided to play the game a day later, so I load up my GTA 5 the next day. Upon loading, my game is running like 40 frames a second, then back to 60.

    I had it working a month ago, I had some real cars in my game (they were mostly 90s vehicles), a graphics enhancer, L.A Roads, map editor, menyoo, PC Trainer, all that jazz. And now whenever traffic spawns or pedestrians spawn, my game crashes, so I have to go into Director Mod, set traffic and peds to 0, only to be able to drive for 2 and a half some-odd hours until it crashes in a hideous way. It freezes first, then it takes like a minute for it to crash.

    My point is it not only matters on limitation, but also Rockstar's sight in the modding community for GTA 5. They constantly update and they keep changing the way the game's code functions to stop modders.

  • @krashadam I see, I didn't know they were still actively trying to break modding (editing ytd and ytf files)

  • @jurr Got the game from day 1
    Addons and replace since zmodeler got the gta 5 import export working

    Never had a problem like you said on 3 pc.

  • @jurr One other thing I will mention. It's been said that Rockstar is fine with modders as long as they don't take their mods online (which is absolute bullshit because (like I said) they intentionally update the game's code as they add new peds and vehicles so that modding tools such as ScriptHookV will not work again. So, fact: Rockstar Games doesn't like modders. Simple as that.

    However, don't let it stop you. GTA 5 is dying off as RDR2 gets developed. The more trailers, the more pictures, the more videos, the more talk, inch by inch GTA 5 bleeds to death. (GTA 4 is still alive thanks to it's modding communities.)

    Nobody knows the actual fate of GTA 5 after RDR2 gets finished, but whatever it is, let's hope it brings freedom to GTA 5 modding.

    Another strange fact, GTA 5 was released 3 years ago, it took them 3 years (2010-2013) to make GTA 5 and then 3 years later GTA 5 is already hitting the dust. Like, what?


    @FoxtrotDelta I understand what @jurr try to explain us. He's asking for a mod similar to ModLoader of GTA San Andreas but for GTA 5, and it's a great idea that would be really appreciated to install mods much more easier and save a lot more time than now, but unfortunatelly there isn't something like that (at the moment) @jurr, sorry.

    The only (and the best way) to add or replace vehicles "easier", is using Easy Mod Folder or Add-On / Replace Base Folder.

  • For add-ons you can use this dlclist.xml generator. But I agree, replacement mods can be a pain.

  • Thanks all of you for helping translate what I tried to say. Modding in this game is so hard that I don't even know how to explain what's wrong lol.

  • Well it doesn't help that the game wasn't developed with modding in mind, unlike Skyrim where the game natively supports it.
    That being said though, I think GTAV is quite flexible since it allows adding/replacing assets through DLC packages.
    You can leave vanilla files untouched (with the exception of update.rpf) and keep things organized.
    Rockstar most likely made the game this way to make updating easier, and that can be used to our advantage.
    I don't think this was possible in the past series without the use of third-party tools.

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