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Weapon meta comprehensive list function detail & guide for Moders

  • So it's seem we're lacking of knowledge bout how realy weapon meta work's. isn't?! no worries with all modder join hand soon lights will come... now back to topic..

    Yes speed do affecting both type either instant OR delayed Hit. The difference is how the game script handle it delayed bullet travel to point.

    Clip / piercing etc not been handle in weapon meta

    What meta affecting

    Type of firing

    Ammo it's use

    Accuracy of weapon

    Recoil of weapon

    Damage of weapon

    Impact force of weapon

    Fov & camera use of weapon

    Flag use in weapon

    So the homework are.. how to decoded one and each the parameter realy do. I.e weaponbendingfarradius value:0.375000. What are these do.. etc..

    So it's more beneficial for our community if we can put every knowledge we have into a guide in others can read and put it in too.. since modding without knowledge mean trial error and crash not mention its also far from what we have in mind to make it works as we wanted to..

  • So i've been tinkering a lot with meta weapon file.. although i figure it out most of it.. but i still don't get the result that i'm after... my goal is; to create a perfect weapon.. below what i already achieve along with pro / cons.. of it.

    100% accuracy
    By changing accuracy spread to 0.000000 it's absolute accurate but the cons are.. u need pinpoint crosshair to head to actually hit.. even slightest error in aim means 100% miss too..

    Try the opposite 0% accuracy
    By changing accuracy spread to 5.000000 it's absolute inaccurate shot.. put ur crosshair to something and u'll see ur bullet hits somewhere else.. but somehow it 90% easier to hit ped or cops means as long as ur crosshair on those body or head it's almost guarantee u'll hit it.. but not in place ur aim at

    Try the normal 99% accuracy
    By changing accuracy spread to 1.000000 it's accurate and with little forgiveness in aim error..

    So in my opinion it's seem the accuracy spread are the one controling how much u wants to achieve.. i.e pinpoint shot or scramble shot..

    What i failed to achieved to gain in the middle of it.. got accuracy pinpoint and with less aim (means even 50% where u put ur crosshair at u still hit it right)

    And to figure it out.. i believe..

    Maxrecoiltoallowedheadshotplayer: 0.175000
    Got something to do with it.. or maybe.. it's only use when u use lock on aim with controler. Cz there's a min/maxdistancetoallowedheadshotplayer too..

    Maybe modders can help revealed this kind of things more

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