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Redux Mod - Gameconfig.xml Question

  • I've got the Redux Mod up and running and was browsing through the Optional Features when I came across 4 different gameconfig.xml presets (Original, Medium, Low and Heavy). Can someone tell me the difference between the four and what aspects of the game the gameconfig file determines?

  • @Qasimehdi that's the traffic on the road, Ped , people and the load your computer can take. !. depends on how much powerful/ resources your computer has.

    my advise take the one that says "original"

  • @FoxtrotDelta Exactly. @Qasimehdi even if you have a powerful PC, the other gameconfigs make the game very unstable.

  • @Akila_Reigns i wouldn't know i always use the original option, because we can always change this setting from inside gta 5. settings menu.

  • @Akila_Reigns @FoxtrotDelta Thanks for that. I didn't know that so I've just been using the 'Heavy' config file for the past couple days. Haven't experienced any crashes or performance degradation yet but I'll switch to the Original file just in case. I have, however, been unable to load ScriptHook V after the 1.5gb update today. The game just crashes before even loading saying ScriptHook V isn't compatible with your version of the game.

  • @Qasimehdi Yes, that happens, at everyupdate, script hook needs to be updated. which takes around 4-5 days usually. after every update. but you can play normal un modified game via steam.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yes I did notice that when I deleted the current ScriptHook V. But playing the vanilla version just doesn't feel right anymore; I had the redux mod running and everything so I think I'll just wait for the ScriptHook V update! :p

  • so I have been having endless missing textures and crashing with redux with about 60 cars to my folder any suggestions?

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