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[MAP] [RELEASED] Emergency Improved [Menyoo Map]

  • Emergency Improved 1.0

    This map adds some emergency events in the freeways that connect Los Santos with Blaine County (Grapeseed, Sandy Shores...) & Paleto Bay.

    I decided to make this map because I think that GTA V without random events like corpses on freeways, dead animals on the mountains and cops making investigations of both things, the game has no realism. So that's why I installed Menyoo and started to work on it with the Object Spooner integrated in the mod.

    In this topic you can reply with...

    • Your suggestions
    • Your opinions
    • Your bug reports

    I appreciate any reply, and your ideas are gonna be used.

  • Maybe a link to the mod itself?
    I can't find the mod online, maybe my mistake?.....

  • @patrickprof Maybe it's still pending admin's approval.

  • @Bet_ I noticed 1 bug, but I don't know if its only at my game....
    the body at the grapeseed highway is on the road, instead of being near the emergency services.....

  • @patrickprof I just fixed this bug, the new update is pending admin approval. Thanks for feedback!

  • @Bet_ 1 more tip for this moment, put the changelog in the description of the mod. This way people can see the actual changes before downloading it. Maybe if you want to, you can put a small list of known bugs which will be fixed. This way you can do list and delete items of it and put them in the changelog.
    Just take a look at the description of the menyoo trainer, this mod is available for free and is updated pretty frequently

  • The NEW update is pending admin approval! I hope you guys like the new version!

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