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all types of cars in the city

  • hello guys, i would ask if there is a method to find any types of car around the city like osiris, vacca, cheetah ecc driven driven by people like any other cars. Also i want to know if is possible to find in the city the cars that i add-on. Thanks and sorry for my english but i'm italian

  • @lucamoi Cars like the Osiris, Vacca, Cheetah do spawn on certain times. So its just waiting for it. OR you can just use a trainer and spawn these vehicles.

    And also yes, you can see cars that you have added yourself but I forgot the link to it.

  • @lucamoi The map is split into many areas and for each area, there is a list of vehicle types that can drive in that area.

    So for example, in Downtown Vinewood, you can see VEH_RICH, VEH_MID, VEH_POOR, VEH_TAXI and VEH_BIKES. Those are in the popcycle.dat file.

    In each of those VEH types, there are different vehicles.

    So another example, in VEH_RICH, there are banshee, bjxl, bullet etc... 28 vehicles in total. Those are in the popgroups.ymt file.

    You can edit the groups in the popgroups.ymt file, to add or remove vehicles, or you can edit the values in the popcycle.dat file, to add different groups to an area. You can extract the popcycle.dat file using OpenIV but you will need to search Google for a popgroups.ymt file as the PC version hasn't been decoded yet.

    But by editing those two files, you can put any car, anywhere in the map. If you use addon cars, simply add them to the groups in popgroups.ymt and they will appear in the game.

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