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[SCRIPT] Private Security Contractor script (details below)

  • I want a mod that makes you a private security contractor (or mercenary for baddies), in which you are assigned to guard a celebrity/VIP/person of interest for example and you lead a security team to either escort the VIP or guard them wherever they are. NOT just your generic transfer point to point, but also make the VIP go to different places or do stuff randomly at variable times between transfers and make them do random stuff (meet friends, seeing a date, business meeting, going to different places to have fun, even guarding them during the VIP's stroll at Vespucci), also randomly. OF COURSE there will be an attack attempt, but make them variable (there are also days that there will be no attack but at times there is an immediate assassination attempt at the very start of the duty). Also the intensity of attacks should also be variable, depending also on the type of the VIP.

    The amount of time for the duty should be variable, but not higher than in-game 4-6 hours and not lower than in-game 45 mins. The VIP choses when the player's duty ends (which must mandatorily end in transporting him/her home).

    The daily activities of the VIP while being guarded should be aligned to who he/she is (celebrity should go to meeting fans, a witness key to solving a heinous crime should be staying more in his crib, while CEOs should make some shady deals in the alley for example). Money payout should also depend on VIP type (give 5 grand for celeb for example).

    The player must go to a specific point area to begin contractor duties (I prefer the dam area, just near the entrance) for added immersion (which means no pressing F6 to access contracts). The player must choose which contracts (which are randomly generated) he can choose from. Also add a risk meter, depending on the notoriety/star level/importance of the VIP. Higher risk higher reward. The player can scan for threats and can direct the VIP away from a perceived threat. They should not stray too far (i.e. VIP is in Vespucci while you are in Little Seoul kind of far) from the VIP or contract will fail.

    There should be an option to be solo or with 4/5 other people (player will choose). If there are more than one contractor, make sure the player will bring a commercial vehicle or cars will be provided for the others. Player and/or VIP will use the car that they will bring in the point area, while other contractors (if the player choses to have more than himself) will either ride in the player's or a sedan (preferably armored Schafters) will spawn for them.

    IF there is more than one contractor on duty, give the player commands. All they do is follow the player (like those gang mods). If an attack will happen, they will lock the area and stay there for as long the threat is there OR IF the player and VIP will go out they will follow too.

    For minimal bugs/unintended events the other contractors will ONLY LEAVE IF the player wants to exit the area. Other contractors must prioritize leave and follow the player.

    Scenario below:

  • A Day in Los Santos, Private Security Contractor script concept

    (welp don't mind, the story is for what my concept of a requested mod will work, don't take the story seriously and disclaimer, no one has superpowers/supersoldier abilities here, just the lead char and her boys)

    SO, Commander Sarah Palmer has finally retired from military service as a SPARTAN-IV. She was able to find a work as a elite contractor from San Francisco-based Atlas Corporation, with a payout of $200,000 a month.

    Her first contract is guarding newly-instated LexCorp CEO Lena Luthor, who was visiting Los Santos from National City. She wants Atlas to guard her during her stay *as not only she knows the astronomically positive and effective reputation of Atlas, but she also knows Palmer very well, hearing all her heroic acts to save humanity *.

    So now Sarah and the rest of her 5-contractor team (which are also retired SPARTAN-IVs) proceeds to convoy Lena's travel from her hotel in Vinewood to Sandy Shores to meet with Trevor Philips. On her way, Sarah and her team noticed a few suspicious vehicles trailing far behind them, but she didn't mind as they immediately turned a different direction.

    Finally they have arrived at Sandy Shores and they immediately proceeded to Trevor's crib. While Lena was busy talking to him, Sarah and her team immediately guarded Trevor's crib, locking down every perimeter. And now her company's partnership venture with Trevor Philips Enterprises is an astounding success. After that, she then requests the team to accompany her to CatCo Interactive (it's videogame publishing division) at the newly completed Mile High Skyscraper, with it's offices just 2 floors above Master Chief Production's offices. At the building, she is planning to have a meeting the division's new CEO, Kara Danvers, and her board, for an entertainment-based convention that will be happening at Maze Bank Arena.

    Sarah and her team then quickly lock down the room and it's perimeter. So far so good nothing bullshit happening. She then uses her abilities she gained from the SPARTAN program (EDIT): to scan for possible bogeys.

    Fast forward 5 hours later to 2100 hours, the arena now is filled with many people as well as key people. Sarah and her team decides to don their MJOLNIR GEN2 armors (yeah Atlas does give them SPARTAN-IV tech), with her wearing her SCOUT variant, for the event. As they escort Lena to the arena, Sarah got a wire from Atlas' top that there is an attempt to not only Lena's life, but also of Kara and the other key people, which really explains those cool stuff they are having.

    At Maze Bank Arena, Sarah and her boys are with Ms. Luthor in the convention section to attend the event. The contractors start locking down areas while keeping a safe distance to the CEO.

    Suddenly an explosion implodes, killing 15 people. The Covenant faction led by Vikta 'Mdama began shooting people, with the goal of eliminating Lena and the other key personnel. Sarah and her team start 360 degree surrounding Lena to guard her, and begins to engage at the Elites. Atlas then sends a complement to assist all engaging authorities. Sarah then notices a camouflaged Brute closing in to Lena, which she quickly dispatches him with a headshot from her Z-250 Light Rifle.

    The attack ensues, but with the Covenant faction forces suffering losses due to not being aware of Atlas personnel getting intelligence ahead. One of Palmer's boys' Keegan notices some Elites coming to Kara's location, so he and a Capt. Del Rio rushes to Kara's location. They reached the room and quickly eliminated the Elites, except one survivor that manages to hold Kara hostage. Then Keegan realized that Lena has a AOE-device which weakens the Elites' bio-systems, but only effective and can be activated with her fingerprints. So he calls Sarah to accompany her into their location. There, the Elite began shouting "cyka blyat piz`da mu'dak" as well as some Sangheili gibberish at Lena. She then activated the device and voila the Elite's systems are disabled. The Sangheili opened fire in retaliation, but was immediately dispached when Sarah and the rest of the personnel barraged the alien with their guns.

    After a few hours, the incident is now over with 50 dead and could be ranging to even 2K had Sarah and the rest of the personnel missed the crucial counter-intelligence. Lena has given thanks to Sarah's team. She said that she still needs their guarding services having realized this grave threat happening on her.

    Aweek later, Lena called Sarah and her team for another security mission, this time accompanying her to go to Kara's mansion for a meeting. Ms. Luthor didn't tell the team what kind of meeting, for she wants them to lock down the mansion to fend off potential threats.

    Maygaddihaetdraggs........ and that ends our concept story for how my requested script would/could work.

    Sorry for long ass wall of text. I was inspired by EddlM's script mods and thinking of something like this coming to GTA V (as this game has lots of scripting potential, unlike SA)

    EDIT: added missing lines.

    EDIT 2: spelling

  • Also, contracts spanning more than real life 1-hour is okay for me FYI but they will be assigned as "Big Team Contracts" whereas having at least 3 (player and 2 others) will be required or contract will not commence.

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