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NEED some MODELER to help me on a project

  • Well, i recently initiate myself to Zmodeler in order to create collision for gta object and then make them spawnable with any trainer (via addonprops).
    In itself it look not intersting for Car Modeler (95 % of the modeler of this site i guess xP), but this project gonna permit to recreate huge landscape, road, bridge, town etc so it isn't so useless if you want create cool race track on normal gta map (instead of loading racetrack map via multifive or fivem)

    Also it will permit to mapper to easyly do everything they want (spawn an interior, a building, a mountain, a hill, a ground, etc) with the least prop as possible ( to make an interior before = 500 + prop / with this mod = 1 prop)
    it also reduce the necessity of multiple map (object from mod = always valid )

    It doesn't requir any special skill (myself I only have few day experience xP) but it's just impossible alone (a lot of prop ;S) that why if I got some help we could do each one an area and it will go faster.

    Hope some people would mind to join me in this project cause it can really by pass the max prop limit and the fact that we can't edit .ymap and will permit a lot of thing

    Here an exemple of map that I mad in 5min with only 70 prop ( not really beautiful or detailed but that just to give an idea ;P (max prop limit = 1700-2040 so let you imagine how we could increase map size ;)


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