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[UPDATED] [SOLVED] ScripthookV not supporting newest patch/update

  • Is there already a ScripthookV that supports the new game update?

  • @ahmed023 Usually takes a few days for anew version to arrive.

  • Is there any way to roll back my steam version so I can continue to play?

  • @pliskin Only if you saved certain files before updating. I think you had to have either one or two of the exe files and the update.rpf, plus a copy of the social club installer for that version.

    I've never done it before but I know it is possible.

    More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC/comments/3een0x/how_to_downgrade_gta_v_to_earlier_patches/

  • Thanks dude, I had tried both those methods with no luck. The thing is I cannot get hold of a Launcher file.

  • we need an update of scripthookV right?

  • @Wizzite Yep

  • @LeeC2202 They normally update it pretty quick, right?

    Is this why I'm getting an error message when I try and load the game with mods installed?

  • @Wizzite Usually 2 or 3 days depending on how much has changed... and yeah, that's probably the cause of the error. I think it usually says something about an incompatible version, or something similar.

    I've been lucky, someone PM'd me about a problem and mentioned the update, so I was able to block it in the firewall. As a modder, these updates are a pain.

  • bro this is awful! I wanted to record a video today.

    If I have an old backup of my GTA 5 folder (complete folder) before the update today, I can still play, right?

  • @LeeC2202 Any chance you could upload your GTAVLauncher.exe file to mega or something so i can try and play it on the older version please?

  • @pliskin Sorry, I can't share/upload original files... the site doesn't allow it.

    I've been caught out like this several times before, it's a real pain but we just have to wait it out until the updated ScriptHook arrives.

    @Wizzite That might work if you stop it from accessing the internet... add an outbound rule to block all 3 exe files in the GTAV folder and give it a go.

  • @LeeC2202 I think it'll work cause the folder says it was created yesterday.

    I'll give it a go and let you know if it works :p - thank's bro!

  • LOL ok will trade a Beta ForHonor invite for a the older launcher file....... yes im desperate. PM me

  • @pliskin Sorry, I'm not going to upload original game files. Not only am I a moderator on this site, I'm also a game developer by profession, so I can't transmit other developer's copyrighted files around the internet.

    You might be able to find someone else who will but I am afraid I can't be that person, sorry.

  • @LeeC2202 Hey dude, Completely fair enough! Lol its my first play through with a authentic car mod on and Im fully hooked. So when it was ripped away from me this morning I have been trying to figure out a way around it since.

  • @pliskin I understand how frustrating it is, it took me a couple of missed updates before I got into the habit of watching for them appearing and blocking my game from the internet. I've seen people who have literally installed the game on the day before the update, got all their mods installed and then next day it all stops working.

    I despise Rockstar's attitude towards those people who play offline. All these updates offer next to nothing for the single player gamer, except gigabyte after gigabyte of wasted disk space. If we're lucky, the changes will be small and the updated scripthook will be out soon.

    As soon as it is and everything is back working, make a backup of the three exe files in the main folder, along with the update.rpf file and I think you need the social club installer as well. Put them somewhere safe, because this will happen again.

  • You can download older launchers at -Link to crack/NoCD site removed by moderator- Please don't post links to that kind of site.

    But something isn't right, it doesn't work. The launcher is downgraded but it still won't work. I think I may have missed something. Not sure what it is. Any ideas?

  • I have noticed that there is a link to the 877 launcher available directly from the Rockstar website here: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200146066-Manual-Link-to-Social-Club-Application-Download

    You can also get the GTAV Setup tool from the GTAV Activation page here.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/activate/index-signin

    You might have to be quick stopping it from downloading the latest update and I would strongly recommend you backup your whole folder before trying to use either of those.

  • Hi everyone.

    Prior to the recent GTA 5 updates, I had no problem playing the game. Afterwards, I just get the usual Script Hook V Critical Error Message. I'm using the legal, Non-Steam Version of the game. I hope an update comes out soon.

  • Hi everyone,
    For the next pdate, you might consider to use ragepluginhook. http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx
    It has a built-in function to backup and revert a game version whenever needed.

    good luck

  • I hope it comes fast though and I wanna thank the moderator of ScripthookV. Because what would we be without it #lol

  • hi every one , yes I was really enjoying ENT vers 28(enhanced nautral trainer V28) and it depends on scripthook, as the newer version of ENT is not very good and lacks many things the original version offers. so yes pls do fix this issue and, do you , need any support or help ??

  • Hello All,

    For those who are having problems with geting back onto GTAV:
    1:make sure your have your MODS folder out of your file directory.

    2:Deleted both scriptHookV and ScriptHookV Dot Net as of those files are now outdated and will cause an error with launcher.

    3.Make sure you validate your files from steam as well because of the new patch (somtimes GTAV will lose the old patch file and will cause an error when creating the new updated file. It will replace that file with the new one and should be fixed if you are unsure how to validate your files this is how you do it : Steam<right click GTAV in the games file menu on steam<Properties<Local Files<Verify Integrity of game Cache...

    1. Make sure all Script files in general are either out of your GTAV directory or in your scripts folder, then simply move your scripts folder out of your directory.

    2. IF none of the other method's have fixed your problem, Try deleting your SocialClub files in Programfiles<documents or OS<Rockstar Games<Socal club. The next time you click on thge launcher it should automatically re download the social club files (this is a social club issue more then a launcher issue though, but can correct an error)

    Hope some of this helps guys. If still having problems, link the errors over and i'll see what i can help with,

    Thanks in advance

    ALSO: for those who have no MODS folder from creating it in OpenIV and have mods in their GTAV directory and can't figure out what file is which for MODS and don't want to mess up their game files..i suggest re-installing GTAV altogether. Since the very first step to adding mods beside scripthookV and dot net/ Open Iv, It asks you to create a MODS folder so your initial game files won't be effected (or just back up/copy your original game files and name one Moded GTAV and the other just GTA V).. Again if you DON'T have a MODS folder and your mods are through out your orignal game files...I can't help to much as of i don't know what many of the files are for which in the directory unless its specifically named from a MOD. Only you know what MODS were downloaded and therefore can hopefully tell what file is a MOD and what one is used for the GTA V game... sorry for the lack of info on the ALSO: note

  • Newest ScriptHookV is released!!!

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