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Very High Resolution MOD CARS lags the game

  • Hi Everyone,
    First, thanks to all those modders who put their effort to bring so many beautiful & stunning mods to the game. Therefore the entire community owe you all a BIG GIANT THANKS. Without modders the game would be boring at some point. Many thanks to them for making the game more beautiful, Interesting & Enjoyable. Sorry for my bad English. :grin:

    Well, I have a mid-end gaming PC (i5 2500k, GTX 750 1GB, 12GB RAM). I play game on 1600x900 with 40-62fps on HIGH settings after overclocking my GPU on my 1080p screen :D . I've modded few cars into game which are amazing in details too.

    Problem is, I've observed the sudden FPS drops (nearly 10-15fps down) while I drive these mod cars or if they appear on the screen. If I change view where modded car not visible on screen, FPS comes back to normal, I hope you all understand what I mean. Probably the reason is that the cars are very high resolution texture. I couldn't find a solution anywhere. May be only Low or Mid-end system owners are facing this problems as these GPU isn't powerful enough. Hence unable to mod more cars in game.

    I guess there isn't any solution to this yet, But I hope someone can do something about it. It may help many of us to play game with lots of mods.

    Thanks for reading,

  • @vipinnegi90 The only things I can think of are to try lowering your ingame graphic settings, using vehicle models that are lower quality or by removing other mods that you 've installed (such as ENBs/visual mods/texture mods, etc.). Other than that, I don't think there is much else you can do, atleast not that I know off


    @vipinnegi90 I think the problem comes with your GTX 750 1GB... ONLY 1 GB? I'm 90% sure that this is the problem with HQ Modded Cars. I have a GTX 980M 8GB (you can see my specs at my signature) and my FPS are a bit unstable (always between 30-60 most of the time, and sometimes between 40-60), but that's because what I modded of my game was:

    • More than 150 replaced cars (Medium, High and Very High Quality cars) with Tuning Parts.
    • Between 23 - 30 Add-On cars installed (And most of them with Tuning Parts too).
    • Graphics, installed VisualV + ReShade RealityZ + ENB.
    • Some Scripts to enhance Police and other things.
    • Replaced most of the map textures with L.A Roads mod.
    • Maybe other mods that I don't remember right now.

    What can I recommend you? You can choose:

    • Most recomended option: Buy a better graphics card (minimum 4GB I think).
    • Second option: Try to use mods without HQ interiors, this eats a lot of performance.
    • Third option: If you use MSAA, disable it or put it at x2 max. If you use HQ reflections, low it to Normal, performance will increase.
    • Latest option: Try different Graphics configurations and see which one will be perfect with your rig to avoid lag.

  • @Carrythxd You're right, there is no solution yet for this problem rather than removing my HQ mods .. no matter if I use Visual Graphics mods or not .. yet the game lags only on HQ vehicle mods. I guess there aren't any normal quality vehicle available in site :( .

  • @Reyser Thanks for the reply and suggestions mate.
    I've spend almost whole week on Graphics configuration with MSI Afterburner Overclocking tool to fit with my system. The performance is all good if I remove all mods from my game by taking out 'mod' folder. That seems only solution to me yet .. but that ain't no solution literally :(.
    Your Second Option sounds legit, but most of the mods are made with HQ details.

    I bet many of us would be facing the same issue, as not everyone is able to afford High-end Graphics. So there should be some solution to it.


    @vipinnegi90 It's a shame this problem you have, I had it 8 months ago with my last laptop and my FPS were around 15 - 20 (unplayable).

    About my second option, I think that if you uses Vans123 and Ubludock mods only, you'll have better performance (Vans123 are very HQ mods, but extremelly well-made and "low poly", and Ubludock mods are MQ but works fine and replace the exact in-game cars with real life one's), you can try it if you want.

    I don't have more ideas ;S

  • All of us modders need to join and make a map of the whole world from 1 side 2 the other

  • @MUSTANG_HAKKER Yea, that's gonna take quite a while :p

  • DON'T install cars that have .yft file OVER 10Mb.
    You know that details ≠ high poly ?
    Stop downloading mods that are converted from 3d model sites ( Humster3d, Turbosquid , etc ) since they use more than 450k polygons.
    To make it clear, a vanilla GTA V car has 60k polygons. Buildings have maximium 5k polys. That means that your EXXTRA HD 4K EBIN CAR with almost half of a million polygons weights the same as all the Sedan car class, or 3 times the weight of a normal mod.
    Please, don't download that kind of mods. You can get the same quality, using less polys and more textures,even on GTA 5.

  • I totally agree.

    Always get the lowest file size possible while still getting quality models, when it comes to converting in 3ds or zmodeler, or just downloading mods. It also helps to get a modified popcycle such as mine called "Non-Redundant Popcycle for Modded Vehicles" or "Traffic Variety" by @icklejitta, but again, there is no perfect 100% solution.

    i5-6600K @3.8 Ghz
    EVGA Z170 Stinger Mobo
    Cryoric Low Profile Cpu Cooler
    2x 8GB GeIL Super Luce LED RAM
    Gigabyte R9 390 8GB WIndforce
    XFX 550W 80+ Silver PSU
    Fractal Nano S Case
    Corsair White LED Fans & White sleeved cables
    Logitech MX Master Mouse
    Corsair K65 RGB Cherry MX Red

  • @vipinnegi90 happens to mid ranged PC's alot. if mods use 4K resolution . in my opinion we should stick with 2048 resolution for vehicles textures. but ofcourse 4k resolution option could be included in the mods, for people with Sli and High performance rigs.

  • @Reyser Thanks for referrals .. I'll definitely try their mods .. I'll get back with the results. Not asking but It would be good if modders could make mods with low-poly too .. that will help most of the mid-end PC gamers.

    @SerranitaMods that was quite helpful. I'll make sure not to download Humster3d or Turbosquid converted mods .. but most of the beautiful & stable mods are from them. Thanks though !

  • I had the similar experience with my first moded game version with replaced cars. I started from scratch after that, and used high poly models only in add-on's and replaced cars with lower poly models and cars from trusted modders. Anyway, the replaced cars are more scenery to me so starting modding new game from scratch, I made much better choices and used more common everyday cars. My game works now perfectly with almost all replaced cars and about 810 added real cars. Also don't be pulled by 4K textures mods or increased traffic mods. I replaced recently few texture files in x64a and lost half frames in the process. When I pass through dust particles, I had only 1 or 2 frames. I returned my old x64a from backup and everything was ok again.

  • 1gb gpu hits VRAM buffer

    frame buffer overflow

    instant 62 fps to 15 fps, back to 60 when space available to frame buffer

    solution 4gb, 6gb 8gb gpu... polaris rx 480 or gtx 1070

  • One more idea:

    Have you any ingame monitoring of your GPU/CPU usage? Something like MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner Stats? Or any other program that shows GPU-Clock, Mem-Clock, CPU-Clock and usage?
    If not, try that. I have had a similar problem. FPS drops to single digits.... But when i looked at the OSD, i saw that my graphics cards were downclocking several times from stable 1070 MHz to sometimes 900 MHz, which caused FPS-Drops. I have a 4790k @ 4,6 with x-fired R9 290 OCed.
    Since then i used a tool named ClockBlocker which prevents the GPU from Downclocking. Now its stable 1070 again and i don't experience any more FPS-Drops.

    You CAN try this, although i also think that your GPU i not strong enough to handle this game with modded content.

  • @Krischan483 Yeah I use MSI After Burner for overclocking and RivaTuner along for OSD. I've clocked GPU to 1383 MHz. Its stable 1383 MHz which seems fine. I believe only problem is the Memory which is only 1GB :( . looks like Bottleneck here is my GPU.
    Only fix for me is not using any mod car or using only Low Poly Car Mods which are quite rare.

  • @vipinnegi90 more than polys your problem is high resolution textures. try playing on normal. and invest in video memory . 4 gb is a minimum these days.

  • But where can i find Low/Medium quality cars??? I downloaded like 20 cars before in my old copy of the game
    all of them were HQ execpt one of them which was the Range rover sports it was med and it was good and everything but
    Where can i find types of cars like this
    I can only find HQ Cars

  • Upgrade hardware....

    With the later firepower you can just download cars worry free of size and have zero impact on FPS

  • The only real advice would be to keep only 1 or maybe 3 most favorite modded cars, keep them in your garage and deny spawning them in the city, this way performance should be acceptable.

    Also your CPU and especially GPU is really weak for this game, I don't think it is possible to keep steady 60 FPS even in mod free game with such hardware. Keep in mind that game suffers from mem leak problem plus has no real AA, so even with beast rig I you'll still either lag or stutter with max settings and HQ mods.

  • Hi to alI!
    I have an Asus f555lb laptop with i7-5500 processor,8 GB of DDR3, Nvidia Geforce 940M 2 GB GDDR3 and GTA V installed on a 256 GB SSD.(WIN 10 X64 BIT OS).

    Without any mod,I can play the game on high settings with approximately of 45 FPS.
    But when I install mega cars pack mods with more than 300 hq cars,I must set the video settings to the lowest,and even use the Ragnos 1997 LowSpecsExperience patch in order to play the game,without that the game is very very laggy!And in some moments the game is laggy again,even with the lowest settings and the patch installed!!

    Does anybody have some information about playing the game with more FPS and higher video settings,but with mega cars packs installed?

    Thanks to all in advance!
    Best regards!


    @player32 If it fits, buy a GTX 1070 mobile ... or don't and settle on a maximum of ~50 Add-On's cars and DO NOT let them spawn in traffic

  • The modders are not using LOD models (Level Of Detail: The detail of the model changes to low when is far of camera and increases when is near) and not are optimizing the vehicle model meshes. The right way to do vehicle mods is easy to learn if we pay attention to the vehicles from the game, analizing its structure and taking note about how many polygons and texture dimentions uses. Around the world exists thousands of tutorials about how to reduce and create LOD models for videogames, and really the modders needs to apply that seriously to their mods, because is not just about performance and game graphics, the health of the hardware is also affected.

  • @Frazzlee LOD models is not for fun, is a necessity for a game, including the modding. Is question of offering quality and things well done without affect the gamming experience (all we are gammers and dislike the lags and models vanishing in distance). Build a LOD is simple, search tutorials about and exists too free software to do that for us.
    Not having time is not an excuse, it's just the pretext for not learn and put more effort into something.


    @Rarefacer You sir seem very good in this subject so show us the car mods you made yourself with the LODS you made from scratch :) Teach us.

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