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Very High Resolution MOD CARS lags the game

  • @Rarefacer Got any mods from your own yet which include all parts lod?

  • @Frazzlee @ReNNie @baba0rum
    for example all smokey cars has lods
    and it's really important discussion, because people can't understand, that models should be designed for game or optimized. Because models from Humster3d or other 3d studios not designed for any games! only for renders. The final purpose of renders it's just a pics or videos, advertisiment. It's not overload something in final variant.

  • @baba0rum @ReNNie Oficially I'm starting in modding with GTA V and LODs will be included in my mods. I have some not released, releases soon.

  • This post is deleted!


    Looking forward to see :)

  • @Rarefacer Then this sound great. If you have enought time to make mods and include LODS that all good.

  • @Rarefacer And at some point you'll notice that people don't give a shit about LODs and praise everything that's HQ looking, even if it's poorly done or optimized. That's why I stopped making L0-L4 models a year ago. It was just too time consuming without people realizing what work goes into it, so whatevs... Now I am only using one high quality model and a lower quality LOD for my air based mods and L0-L3 for land vehicles.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I think also for models that users will only spawn one of at a time for fun, e.g. add-on models like some of your more specialty aircraft like the Avatar shuttle, LODs don't much matter. But for models people will replace default models with, like your AS-350, Defender Class boat, any of your H-60 variants that people might put in the annihilator slot, etc. it's important to have at least one lower-quality LOD if not two, because you can end up having a lot of them spawned in at large distances during normal gameplay.

  • So which is the maximum number of hq cars mods,which would not affect the game's performance (FPS)?

  • People legit expecting LODs when these type of mods are hours of work and on top of that is free. Dont expect tons of data to not lag your game its inevitable but you can do things yourself as well, like decrease the LOD and spawn rates.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I know well that, I'm making mods since 2006 with different nicknames and with GTA IV nobody knew the LOD improvement in my peds and vehicle mods but no one complained about vanishing models or performance issues.

    The people just want visual quality without affect the performance like a native GTA V model. For me the LOD usage is necessary without forget the extra work, even if is just to center pivots, assign materials, put flags and add to hierarchy. The hardest step is the LOD creation, but actually that can be automatized in few minutes with some free software generating easily two or more LODs with different polycount in the same process (see indie development).

    The true problem is when a modder takes models from CGI to convert in GTA V and not apply retopology. Is not just vehicles, we can see even simple props like weapons exported directly from ZBrush (for example) with millions of polygons and the modder not realize about that.

  • @Machyna So what's the difference between people expecting LODs in models and people expecting script mods to not drag their game to a halt with sloppy code?

    My first script mod took me around two months and optimisation was a major factor in the decisions I made. Every mod I write will often have whole sections rewritten as I discover better ways of doing something and that rewrite could take days, not just hours. All of that is to make sure that my mod, doesn't ruin someone else's game.

    As @Rarefacer says, there are optimisation tools out there and there have been since I was doing models 15 years ago. The whole reason LODs were invented/discovered, is because they are important. Not doing something important, simply because you're doing it for free, is not really a good reason.

    Yes these mods take hours/days/weeks/months but that's part of the attraction, you get to spend hours etc... doing something you enjoy and the users get the rewards of that effort by being able to use what you've created. But their gaming experience shouldn't be compromised as a result of using it.

    As the old saying goes "A job worth doing, is worth doing well".

  • @ReNNie You don't make LODs from scratch, you make them by optimising existing mesh topology... that's how it's done. It's a destructive process, not a constructive process.

  • @Rarefacer yup, I'll give you that. If someone takes a vehicle (or worse a weapon, prop, w/e) with something like 700k polies and doesn't even bother to make one LOD level with undetailed interior and engine that's just pretty lazy. If the L0 model itself only has something like 30k polies... Well what the hell, that can work.
    It's not just an issue here, GTA SA, IV, all had the same problems. And I'm still shocked that some modders don't realise that HQ car models from various 3d sites are simply not suited for game development. Especially because the car could've been modelled with the same level of detail but only one third of the polies.

  • @Frazzlee Have you never done Level Of Detail models before?

    In most decent modelling packages, it's a piece of cake, especially on rigid-body objects like cars/planes etc... it's a bit of a ball-ache on organic models. The most simplistic method was to just weld adjacent vertex pairs (or even triplets) across a planar surface but maintain higher vertex numbers around curves.

    Before mesh-smooth was added to packages, the vertex density in models used to be much lower, so there were less polygons anyway. But meshsmooth gave modellers a quick-fix, so they'd build something rough, set the smoothing groups to preserve edges, apply a high-density mesh-smooth and you suddenly had more polygons than you knew what to do with... but the models looked great. :D

    Nowadays, a lot of models are simply laser scanned and then optimised backwards, because the optimisation tools have improved so much.

  • Cars that have more than 300k worth of polygons with non-existent lods are mods that are not worth downloading.

    Don't be lazy and make some fucking lods ffs.

  • @cyberzone2 If that comment was a mod, I would give it 5 stars... that made me smile. :D

  • @SkylineGTRFreak any way to make the engine use HQ LODs at long distances for environment and/or vehicles?

  • @Frazzlee cool, i want model to be a tree, or entire environment section "koreatown" or "vespuci"

  • @LeeC2202 People dont expect LODs they expect perfection for every mod. Even if the person puts all there hard work into it people are never satisfied. Like i said i do this for fun. Making LODs isnt fun. People can easily do it themselves in the meta files if they cared that much. Same goes for the amount of times the cars spawn in the world. IF they really CARED that much they can do it themselves. Other than that dont expect us modders to be slaves because u didnt like something.

  • @Machyna LODs in vehicle.meta... eeeeh... you can set the draw distance for specific LOD levels, but that's hardly what we're talking about. Because that way it just renders a high poly model over a longer distance.

    Also if people expect perfection, they do expect LODs :x Like I said, I'm not doing full LOD levels for my aircrafts either, but at least one or two levels should be included. Hell, you can even use a vanilla GTA interior for a LOD model and it will decrease the polycount significantly.

  • @Machyna Sorry, who are these "people"? Don't generalise everyone into the same category as an unknown quantity of people who don't know any better, because I can assure you, some of us do know better. If these "people" expected perfection, they would expect LODs, as a model without them is imperfect by definition.

    And who is this "us modders" you speak of. Is this a another collection of people, just creating mods that everyone has to just put up with? Because if that's the case, then again, don't generalise the rest of "us modders" into that same boat. Some of us have more respect for the people we are creating the mods for, than to say "It's free, like it or lump it", or "do it yourselves". That's not what modding is about.

    I create mods and because of the lack of tools that avoid ZModeler, I only create script mods. I'm not a slave to anyone and anyone who uses my mods has a right to dislike it. If I do a bad job, I expect criticism for it but as a professional, I also know that you man-up, take it on the chin and you sort it out... if you can.

    I probably spend more time testing a single script function than it would take to create a set of LODs. I used to spend 3, 4 or 5 hours a day testing my first mod. But I didn't sit there and say "This testing isn't fun, stuff the users, I don't care if it slows down their game, I just want to do the fun stuff". I tested and tested and tested, day after day, until I had something that was to the best of my ability, not just the only bits I could be bothered doing, because the rest of it wasn't fun enough.

    I can only feel pity for the other modders that now feel as though you are speaking for them, because you're making them all seem selfish beyond belief and I know for a fact that isn't the case.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak said in Very High Resolution MOD CARS lags the game:

    @Machyna LODs in vehicle.meta... eeeeh... you can set the draw distance for specific LOD levels, ..

    ..Because that way it just renders a high poly model over a longer distance.

    How to change distance?

  • I need some help!I got a new Lenovo Y-700 laptop with i7-6700 HQ processor,16 GB of DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR5 graphics card.
    Without installed hq cars pack mods I get at least 45 FPS at 1080p resolution,and with installed 530 mega cars pack mod,I get a FPS drop,with the same video settings!

    My question is: is there a way to play the game with the same FPS with the hq cars mods installed,as without them installed?
    What can I do?

    Please help me!

  • @player32 Yeah, only if you had a desktop, you could've upgraded your specs. But since you have a laptop, you can only reduce graphics settings.

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