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Very High Resolution MOD CARS lags the game

  • @V4D3R ,could you suggest me which video settings should I keep to high and which should I reduce please ?

  • @player32 PostFX, reflection, shadows and anti aliasing seems to be the most heavy graphics settings. But I'm not sure. You can mess with settings until you find the best settings.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @V4D3R Thank you very much!
    Best regards!

  • One more question:
    With lowering the video settings,I can now get 60+ FPS,but the game has micro-stuttering and lags even at that FPS!
    Could I fix that somehow?

  • @player32 best bet update drivers. Microstutters can be memory related, vram or hard drive is not fast enough.

    Gtx 960 can't run 60 fps on HD very high settings, msaa should not be more than 4x, shadows not too much detailed.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thank you for replying to me!
    I really do need help with the configuring of the video settings!
    Could someone help me to configure every video setting?But with keeping in mind that I have a 530 cars pack installed!
    Someone who has GTX 960 M 4 GB?


    I have a GTX 980 (4G), and the game runs very smooth, even with very high-detailed cars. More texture memory is always better, of course. :)

  • @player32 keep msaa at 2x or 4x max, water quality and grass quality at medium, shadow quality at medium. Try with both vsync turned on and vsync turned off sometimes that will cause a stutter. Get a program called Iobit Game Booster. It will free up ram and close out unnecessary programs while you play games.
    And try not to use too many script mods at once. Texture mods will usually lower your fps in game like LA Roads or higher quality signs, posters, guns, ped mods(character mods).

    As a last resort try my gameconfig file. I have increased the values in alot of areas to allow more data to be read and loaded in the game so expect a 1-3 fps loss on your laptop.

  • It would be good not to use a FPS Booster application, freeing memory will not increase performance, it can slow your laptop even more.


    @V4D3R said in Very High Resolution MOD CARS lags the game:

    It would be good not to use a FPS Booster application, freeing memory will not increase performance, it can slow your laptop even more.

    ^^ Zactly!

    Besides, regular RAM is rarely an issue any more these days. I have 32G. That's maybe still more than others, but 8-16G is quite common nowadays.

    Honestly, it's texture memory where it's at (aka, the amount of memory installed on your video card).

  • @player32 And of course, don't use heavy graphics mods. Natural Vision Remastered drops my PC's FPS from 60 to about 30. Maybe because I have a 2160p monitor, but you get the idea.

  • Thanks to all of you for helping me!
    But if someone has still some new info for me please tell me!

  • Could SweetFx affect the FPS?I have installed Ceanos SweetFx.
    Please tell me!

  • @player32 yes sweetfx drops your fps anywhere from 5-15 fps. That is a graphics mod. Any graphics or texture mods will drop your fps. Graphics mod aka naturalvision, sweetfx, enb etc will drop it the most.

  • @Willief23 thank you for replying to me! Then which graphics mod doesn't affect the FPS?Which is the lightest?

  • Where can you find car mods other than 4K? Let's ... cars with a normal resolution?

  • @mich Videogames, good and well optimized racing games mainly are the best source, and exists sites with a lot of models from videogames.

    About mods is impossible to see if is an optimized model or not until we suspect looking the file size. The way is to look in OpenIV model viewer the polycount and if the vehicle has more than 150K (max polycount in a vanilla GTA V vehicle) polygons, is a not proper model for videogames.

  • @mich usually every mod developer uploads two versions of. Car in his download page, two files for example Honda.yft and Honda_hi.yft .

    If you have set your game settings to high , hi detailed model will be used If its in normal settings the non high version is used by the game automaically,

    Plus sometimes mod developer includes Hd or 4k resolution textures or ytd files seperately in the download folder . read the read me carefully. And look inside download folder ,

    If it's not there , then there is no option .

  • Dear FoxtrotDelta,
    what about mega cars pack mods,which have more than 300 cars?
    How to make the game works with more FPS,with huge cars mods installed at the same time,but with the same video settings as without the mod?
    Pls help me!

  • @player32 installing many add on cars don't cause memory or fps issues unless , These cars are made to spawn in traffic. Usually add on cars don't spawn in traffic unless you modify the game to perform this function ,

    Since default add on cars don't spawn in traffic , there is no issue on how many cars you install.
    Or how big the mega pack is.

  • Dear FoxtrotDelta,thank you for replying to me!
    I mean on mega cars mods where are replace+add-on cars at the same time!

    My GPU is an OC GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR 5.
    Without the huge cars mods I get 47-60 Fps at max settings and 1080p resolution!

    But with installed mega cars mod I face huge FPS drops and stuttering at the same time!

    Isn't there a tweak so I could play with the same FPS with high settings?

  • @player32 what's your cpu and ram capacity?

  • 16 GB DDR 4 RAM and i7-6700 HQ CPU

  • @player32 well your cpu is great , Only your gpu is low medium end. Gtx 960 is getting old , you should consider upgrading your graphics card in near future,

    And as for stuttering , make sure to turn off everything in advanced graphics settings tab.

    Set shadows and water quality to medium. Msa 1st 4x ,

    This should solve most fps issues. And there might be gamconfig issue as well, you can try a different gameconfig file. With less traffic .

    Alternatively you can decrease traffic density to like 25% at the bar . that will help as well.

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