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Need help with a better money system for gang war

  • My gang war mod has a money system where:
    -Player and enemy will invest money in advance, and enemy's investment will be slightly affected by the player's.
    -Player's investment should be higher than the minimum money of the selected gang (set in the .ini)
    -Calling soldiers cost money, and killing earns money. This applies to both player and enemy.
    -When one team is out of money, that team loses.

    But it turned out to be not exactly what i expected. There are problems like:
    -Crazy enemy investment(extreme low or high)
    -Winner doesn't actually win money from losers but from kill counts.
    -Hard to figure out a system to make enemy's investment be affected by player's but also fair & realistic at the same time.

    I'm looking for an intact money system to improve my mod, anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

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