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To replace update.rpf after update or not to?

  • So, ever since the update earlier today, OpenIV is asking me to move the newer update.rpf file to the mods folder because the current one is outdated. I could do that, but that would mean that I'll have to re-apply all the mods in update.rpf one at a time. Do I really need to replace the update.rpf file for this patch/update, considering that it's mainly for GTA Online, which I'm not playing at the moment?

  • @Qasimehdi Yes, you'll have to replace it + all the other files that you plan to modify.

  • @Qasimehdi update.rpf contains a lot of standard data for offline play. Things like timecycle files, gameconfig, dlclists for addons, visualsettings etc...

    I never play online but I still need to have the latest version of that file in the mods folder. It's a pain I know but there's not really any way round it.

  • you will need to edit dlclist and get the latest gameconfig file afterwards. be sure to make a backup of mods folder before you proceed.

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