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[Announcement ]GTAV Touhou is coming to GTAV but with some rules

  • Anyways as many of you been looking for anime characters but found very little of them because of the theft problem here there will be the possible release of 2hu or touhou models marked for GTAV I don't want a repeat of what happened during the GTA-SA vs MMD Community conflict when the Japanese withdrew their models due to people not giving them credit once again you may see a huge release of touhou characters after I am done testing with my rigger I lay out some of my own rules please note I'm not responsible for anyone's actions if they get yelled at by an MMD author basically the Gensokyo League MMD Community we're going to start releasing models

    ****MMD creators are excluded from my strict GTA V touhou model policy it only applies to those on GTA MODing sites seeking and waiting for touhou releases and Steam community actually its for the GTA 5 community in general if I misspelled in pic I meant to say excluded I was in an rush main reason for being strict as in so strict apart from MMD in general there has been reports from GTA itself of people stealing other people's work etc and even stealing videos without telling the public where they got the video from

    I can remove the links to the models at any time of day if I gotten complaints from people notifying me in PM that some of my GTA V models are being sold illegally without my constant I really hate to take legal action against those who sell my GTA V models but I have to since those models are replicas of the original MMD model and the author that made them

    [It takes one bad person to ruin it for everyone else ]

    If my community which is my league floods me with reports of an person illegally profiting off my GTA V models I get links to the person's social media that person who gotten reported by the community of Gensokyo will have an nice long chat with me explaining why he is doing this kind of behavior

    HE WILL BE BANNED! PERM BANNED from downloading he must refrain downloading my models I get Intel very quickly he will get sanctioned and blocked

    [Theft of videos without credit etc ]

    Ex: Posting an video which is identical to the original without saying where he got it from

    Its considered copyright infringement because the video is my video which I copyrighted I have no choice but to take down the duplicate video from the offender's Youtube channel

    Ex : Posting an GTA V touhou model and saying "This model has been made by me " without proper credits to the author , rigger and the modder

    I don't like people that steal from me the offender will be seeing comments dubbed [Stolen] I can chat with an site admin and have them remove the file that was posted

    (If I pm from an MMD author who has the same name as their deviant name they be allowed to use my models )

    People assumed I don't get informed about stuff I get information all the time even so I get links etc my fans are the eyes and ears of the net I have friends over in Japan , Hong Kong etc they too can inform if they discovered my models is being put on the black market

    Black market = An site where people offer up their GTA account with mods downloaded from the internet for an price from the buyer

    I don't tolerate my models being put on auction sites I'll issue copyright claims in behalf of the model creators themselves the sites that sells the models will IN FACT be forced to cooperate with Gensokyo League the site admins will be requested to remove models that was requested for removal by me it really hurts touhou fans who love touhou and those who love playing GTA games with touhou models


    While on the same topic I get information sent to me all the time from people all over the world as well as divisions and branches its basically like the CIA I get Intel quickly and fast there are people who will make sure they'll inform me if they come across an site selling GTA 5 models if I hear or get reports that some sites are selling my GTA 5 models without my or the creator's permission I going after the site and track down the site admin if the site admin refuses to comply I'll inform the model creator and link her / him the site of where the model is being put online to be sold for profit


    Although I don't go on twitch a lot there are people who live streams on twitch I may make surprise visits without saying a word while the streamer streams if they make money streaming I don't really care if they stream

    Like I said the same thing too applies for twitch

    Credit the author of the model the original unedited one linking a link to his profile
    Credit the rigger the one who riggs and converts the model from MMD format to GTA 5 format link the rigger's profile or youtube channel because he show them on youtube only display he be given the go ahead to release the models but he must credit the author of the original model
    Credit me for modding the model meaning testing the model bones in game , giving the rigger feedback on the model by saying my name and providing the link that way I don't have to accuse you for stealing

    Credit for one time when using the first time after that do what ever you want with the model in your Youtube videos


    If script makers of GTA 5 scripts wants to use my model or models while making an script with it must ask for permission from me I will grant permission but please credit the author , the rigger and me if one makes plans to make an awesome block buster using my models


    To prevent wide spread theft I'm limiting downloads to an certain number there been reports of models that were replaced with viruses or fake pop up sites telling people to go download some exe of the model's name avoid fake websites in general


    Its an combined partnership with the MMD creators I get certain rights from the creators themselves I work with creators by giving them information as soon I get Intel about a model


    In additions to releasing touhou models converted for GTA V I'll make readme txt explaining the dos and don't s when using my models for GTA 5 Read it good and well I translated it over 34 translations in total I'm not responsible if you suddenly see yourself getting yelled at by an angry MMD Author asking why you not crediting and why you trying to claimed ownership on an converted model that wasn't even made by you of course me and creator of the model as well as my friend would very angry at you

    Please credit me for the converted models it would be nice if you credit the MMD author as well**

    Let me know if my models gets put on another GTA modding site without my constant / permissions

    These models are rigged replicas of the original model of MMD everyone don't want a repeat of what happened with GTA-SA community not crediting the Japanese in making the models of touhou the Japanese still mad this why they didn't bothered making GTA touhou models for GTA IV and GTA V and GTA 3 they called it quits it takes one bad person to fuck it up for someone else remember this even though your using an rigged version of the model the original MMD author still sees it as their work in other words they can call me or if I get feedback of theft of people not giving credits I can remove the links to the models its simple I gotten approval and acceptance of the MMD community themselves

    When I say credit I mean put in your desc of your Youtube Video an link and my name where the model is downloaded from

    NO SELLING my models for profits , No selling my models on modded multiplayer characters for illegal profit or I will have to announce to the community of MMD who will be so mad they will shut down sites where the accounts are being sold on I will link them the sites

    No claiming you made the model its not "Yours" it was loan to you with my permission to use in GTA V only with the sole propose for entertainment I can easily show screenshots that the model was rigged by me and my friend

    I working with the MMD creators side by side they don't want no one selling these models for money trust me no one wants to get an PM or notice of an threatening chilling lawsuit of 200,000 dollars from an MMD author

    The models are MMD models belonging to the MMD creators themselves

    Be grateful I am producing touhou models for the community of touhou with my friend if it wasn't for me people be waiting for another year

  • Well isn't this for all mods in general?
    Dont get offended but this will happen regardless, you are expecting hundreds of people on the internet to follow your rules and theoretically someone will disobey the rules just to spite you. And anyways, why would you restrict your mods? that just makes reposting mandatory. Lastly, no The japanese did not withdrew their characters. you can still download various Touhou character moddels of their blog pages with a bit of japanese or google translate. This wiki litteraly has a huge page of touhou characters and from diffrent developers. modding is all about sharing your creative piece. It's the same with artists online, did you pay or watermark your anime wallpaper, or did the artist give any credit to the development house for the character they drew on their pirated Adobe Illustrator? No they don't.

  • Hold it GTA-SA touhou models are there only on two sites there was at one point where there was many downloading sites reason due to people not crediting the person that released them in general they shutdown their blogs

    1. Reason I put restrictions is simple the models I may release in the future is MMD converted models MMD models been copyrighted the modelers allowed edits and public downloads of the edited version but the modelers want credits in general if I make an cool script mod I want to be credited not crediting someone is like stealing someone's work in general crediting means you giving thanks to the person who produced the models and the modeler who made the original model
    1. You have no idea why touhou models got restricted in GTA 4 you can find them on an Youtube channel and a gta modding site why they limited there was an site where you can get all the models but it been removed again the modeler discovered people was not crediting him for the release

    2. Dude I spoke directly with a dozen modelers they said the gta community in general always ask for models but don't give credits that is why they keep removing the download links to the models

    1. I am the nice person people in Asia knows about me here I am trying to convince Japan to forgive the west for their past mistakes and give another chance the eastern community thinks the west will make the same mistakes again they still pissed off even what happened in GTAIV community getting touhou models without giving credits

    Be grateful that someone in USA and Thailand is producing touhou for GTAV for the first time if it wasn't for me announcing it touhou fans would be sitting here waiting another year asking "When are we going to have touhou models " let me add this I'm in groups with over a thousand modelers some modelers help me avoid models that are most copyrighted and they like my project and they wish me luck and they would love seeing touhou mods they too play GTA 5

    Not an single Japanese person announced on their blog that they are going to make models I searched all over the web for Japanese forums and blogs not one mention GTAV in general I have friends in Japan I have friends who is MMD modelers I have an friend who makes MMD animation be grateful I making models along side my friend from Thailand if I withdraw my project people be asking "Why Cirno why did you cancelled your project " you assumed modelers use blogs they appear on other sites and display their models they too play GTA games I see threads like debate threads they do talk about the west and how they feel

    So again be grateful that someone is making models for the GTA community out of kindness I don't really have to do this but I making models out of kindness

  • @cirno69 said in [Announcement ]GTAV Touhou is coming to GTAV but with some rules:

    So again be grateful that someone is making models for the GTA community out of kindness I don't really have to do this but I making models out of kindness

    No offense but the majority of the people making models (or any kind of mod) on this site are doing it out of kindness, they don't have to do it either. I write script mods, for free and usually as a result of a request. My first one took two months, my latest one took a month and is still being developed to be better.

    The people on this site don't need to be grateful that I am making these mods, it is I that am grateful, for having the chance to make them. You are no different to every other model/script/texture modder on this site.. so be grateful you have the chance to be accepted into this community.

    Remember, without a stage, an actor cannot perform... don't burn your stage down before you've even set foot on it.

  • @LeeC2202 This touhou thing is a big thing, in East Asia, i just find it Cute.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It's definitely my kind of thing... I'm a sucker for East Asian and cute, my weak spot if you like. :D

    I'm just a bit concerned this guy is coming with a bit of a complex and needs to realise that this is already a community of talented modders, who constantly produce high quality models for no payment (they can click on your name for starters and see what talent this community already has).

    Satisfaction is its own reward. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 indeed. but i kept my silence because im afraid this fellow might react Aggressively i guess, guessing by his Post. and to be Fair, once we share a thing online, something that is Digital, there is no way, to stop the back doors. i'll leave it at that...

    the post Does give an impression that the OP person , holds a very high Impression of himself. which might be not Good in most cases, as it can make, one arrogant. im not saying he is arrogant. i don't know the guy. but there is something fishy about this huge announcement & over hyped, emphasis on the content about to be Released into gta 5.

    i can't say i have seen this kind of a thing anywhere else before... hay ! wait i have!! Those ARMAHOLIC ARMA people.!!! may be that's why this post Bugs me so much. @cirno69 no offense intended buddy. im sure you mean well. i just have a true Hatred for Arma people. i hope you are not like them. Looking forward to your Quality Mods. you got yourself a huge Amount of Attention by your "announcement" i hope you amaze us :slight_smile: Good luck.

  • RIP

  • i'm sorry but what ? is this what OP is talking about ? http://static.zerochan.net/Touhou.full.1885103.jpg

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