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[Solved] [Update Released] When do you think ScriptHookV will update?

  • What are your thoughts? When do you think ScriptHook will update?

    I am guessing in a few days

  • @NotCrunchyTaco I think it was a Friday last time, so maybe the same again.

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah it was friday or thursday that is pretty accurate

  • @LeeC2202 I think it was a Thursday as it was last updated on October 6th, which was a Thursday.

  • EDIT: I just checked the developer's site and it said October 5th as the last update, which was a Wednesday seeing as the 6th was a Thursday, so maybe sometime late tomorrow?

  • Any way to get into GTA story mode with the mods currently? says script hook V isn't supported by the version, do i deleted script hook and i can continue to play and just add script hook back once its updated?

    thanks in advance

  • @patpat3131 I think you just delete it. You won't be able to play with any mods that modified the game files though. I think the ASI loader still works.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 ok ill try that, i atleast just want to fuck around for a day untill Script Hook updates. that's all haha

  • @patpat3131 Yeah. At least the content of this update is mildly interesting on its own with the ramp cars and what not. (The new functions, however, are extremely interesting).

  • @nathanjamesddg151 sorry to bother you again, but am i deleting just the ScriptHookV or both the V and the dot net? Not sure if you have done that yet or not?.

    Thanks in advance

  • @patpat3131 I'm not sure... I'd just try the Script Hook V for now, and if it crashes, then do the Dot Net.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 ok ill let you know in a few

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Ok so it turns out I had an error everytime i went to start up GTAV...Deleted my scriptHook V nothing..then did dot net..still nothing, kept getting an error and locked up at story mode screen..Took my mods folder out and the error kept poping up but the game worked..so the error is probably due to a script file of some sort in my directory but regardless i had to take my mods folder out in order to get my game to work, not sure if you experienced this today or not? any others as well?

    The Error was:
    HUD:replay HUD 0x41074:playtv.exe Entry point not found.

    Not even sure WTF playTV.exe is..Wait nvm it was added on with my Radeon Driver package...so thats probably the error..lol but end result is i had to take my MODS folder out of my directory to get the game to work, dunno if i even had to uninstall ScriptHookV or dot net... so try taking your mods folder out first... DOH...

  • @patpat3131 Well... Have you tried moving the scripts folder to a new location out of the GTA V directory?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 yeah was my MODS folder and the weird playexe program causing an error but the game was playable, so i knew it was the mods folder seeing how it wasn't able to get past the loading screen when i had it in my directory. deleted that playexe and the error went away, funny it never poped up untill GTAV Updated...so thats what made me believe it was a script

  • @patpat3131 Hey, out of curiosity, can you still use a trainer for invincibility and whatnot?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 To be honest i am not sure, i deleted my scriptHookV and dot net before i could find out that it was my actaul MODS folder causing the issues..i'll test it out tomorrow,if you already beat me to it let me know please.

  • @patpat3131 okay.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 While ScriptHookV and Dot Net are in my directory, My GTAV won't start up, So its that application it self that won't allow you to play and you need that script in order for any of the trainers to function, so at this point No trainer will work without Script, NativeTrainer is built into the script file and casuing an error for the game to load, i have SimpleTrainer as well and that application also needs scriptV with all other trainers so i think your answer is unfortunately No..You can't use the cheated mod menus... :/

  • Don't forget to use new update.rpf file.

  • hope it updates soon, just got into modding :/

  • @CP I believe the RPF file automatically updates once the update is downloaded, even in your mods folder.
    as long as its in the same directory and you don't have 2 versions of the game the update will replace the file.
    If you have 2 versions of GTA V one moded and one non moded, you will then of course have to transfer over the new updated RPF file to the file that isn't currently the main exe launcher for steam

  • @patpat3131 I always have to update mine manually in my mods folder but I'm using the retail version and there does seem to be some differences between the two versions.

  • @NotCrunchyTaco said in When do you think ScriptHookV will update?:

    What are your thoughts? When do you think ScriptHook will update?

    I am guessing in a few days

    this is the Biggest DLC for gta 5 in history. by its size, and by new features it introduces, there are many new stuff, that can help modders, improve mods and get features which were previously simply not possible. as it is the biggest DLC to date, it will probably take more time , than usual, as there is so much information and stuff to integrate and look into, but a quick update can be had in 4-5 days i expect. just to make old mods work, and introduce minor new things, but scripthook will need a bigger update down the line, because of the features introduced in this DLC. so be patient, if it takes more time.

  • @LeeC2202 Ah ok, yeah i don't own retial version for PC, only console so im not sure about how the updates work with the retail version, i just know steam itself lets you know there is an update and usually downloads it beforehand in order to even start the game up.. :/

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