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[Solved] [Update Released] When do you think ScriptHookV will update?

  • @patpat3131 one can disable updates. most modders do that.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Are you able to give me any insight on how to do that? seems like steam won't let me or unless i just missed the feature..

    Thanks in advance

  • @patpat3131 if you play online than, you can't block an update and be able play online, you can block the update, and play in Single player Story mode, that's what i do.

  • @patpat3131 With the retail version, you do get asked for permission for the launcher to update the game, that's a Windows UAC thing... so you can force it to not update like that. What I usually do though, is block all the exe files in the game until ScriptHookV is released, if I know an update is on its way.

    The problem with that is Rockstar will only let you stay offline for a few days, before they will force you online for an activation check.

    I was only thinking last night, what happens if Rockstar's servers are ever hit by natural disaster? Because of how they demand an activation check, it could take everyone out of the game. I don't think they care about that though, they just want you online to buy their shark cards.

  • @LeeC2202 they might have multiple location servers. so natural disaster's wont disrupt. there are other things which can disrubt the server too. so i think they have backup servers in multiple locations.
    i never keep games in steam on Auto Update.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I just play offline, forgot to back up my files and now i cant acesses online at all, not sure what mod its from, its one of them in directory (MODS folder has been taken out)

    Also in my steam where the update tab is, there is no option stating not to have auto updates..its either "Always keep this game up to date" only update game when i launch it" or High priority: always update this game over others" not sure how to disable it so i don't get auto updates :/

  • @LeeC2202 make sense for sure, never heard about the activation check though

  • @patpat3131 It's usually after about 5 - 7 days, it comes up that you need to connect online to check the activation status.

  • @patpat3131 run your steam in OFFLINE MODE.

  • @LeeC2202 ohh shit, i guess that's when you automatically get chosen to go into online right? usually you have the option to choose "online" "story Mode" "a specific game mode" is that what you mean? it automatically just puts you into online?

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh really? just go offline and no updates will appear? makes sense there..but what if i ever go back online and an update is there?? i think it automatically downloads it..unless at that specific moment when its downloading you cancel it

  • @patpat3131 No, it doesn't even get past the launcher, that's the bit that has to go online.

  • @LeeC2202 ah damn

  • @patpat3131 yes once you are in online mode, the download shall start.

  • @everyone calm yo tits,alexander already replied in a live chat that he is uploading tomorrow,so throw a fit all you want,its coming tomorrow


    It's been updated.

  •                                                      **Thanks to Alexander Blade**

    @ikt indeed. i can confirm. Scriphook V v 1.0944 has been released on December 15th Download link >>>>Click
    alt text

  • Seems like scrithook V is casuing a crash and stalling my loading screen when i go into story mode? any suggestions? (scripthookV. NET isnt updated either)

  • @patpat3131 Did you copy the new update.rpf file into your mods folder? I forgot and had the same crash. :blush:

  • @patpat3131.NET doesn't need a update for game versions.

  • @LeeC2202 no i didn't where do i get that? in openIV?

    @Kwebbl ok

  • @patpat3131 In your main GTAV folder, there is an update folder and inside that is the update.rpf file. Copy that into the mods\update folder

  • @LeeC2202 deal, it works, thanks alot champ, although dunno why some of my spawn fuctions wont work for some cars... :/

  • @patpat3131 you will need to add your addons into the new dlclist.xml in that update.rpf file, plus a new gameconfig.xml for this patch. Any other mod files you added to the previous update.rpf file will need adding again.

  • @patpat3131 if you did , what @LeeC2202 suggested, you also delted/replaced your dlclist file in update folder when you moved the new one into the mods folder. you might have to write those dlclist enteries again for the cars to work. if those cars are still in dlcpacks folder. which might have been replaced but may be they are still there. depends how you moved the update folder into the mods folder.

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