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Mod to hack gps and make navigation?

  • H guys,

    Is there any similar mod to hack gps and make navigation?

    Something like this, http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/screen.php?s=27868

    This will tell you when you should turn right or turn left, or just keep straight when driving.

    I found that GENERATE_DIRECTIONS_TO_COORD might be the way to do this, but I don't understand how to use it ( I don't get the meaning of the parameters) ?


  • The best i can tell you is that in GTA 4 they had this function on some cars GPS units. if you could find out how that works maybe it could work in GTA 5

  • I remembered seeing a post about this. The parameters are wrong in the database. I looked at the scripts and found only once. Does not return anything (void). It looks like it will work. Here is the link.

  • @aimless Ooooh, thanks for posting that link... that's a useful bit of information for my collection. :D


    @aimless thanks for posting that link i got it working

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