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Empty lobbies after installing mods?

  • Hey, I recently installed VisualV and some car mods and tried playing online but it keeps putting me in empty lobbies. Before when I didnt add any mod I didnt use to get into empty lobbies but it started putting me in empty lobbies after i installed mods so is there any fix for this or what?

  • That's a normal behaviour of game.

  • @CP but i kept re-trying/re-connecting and still nothing. I can't do jobs either other then creating a job (being the host) and wait for someone to join and yup no one joins even enabling auto-invite doesnt invite anyone. it was all fine before mods

  • @DarkSoulGaming You're playing GTAO with mods?

  • @krashadam im not using any trainer.. just the graphics mod and some car's textures replaced and yeah im playing online with mods if those r included

  • @DarkSoulGaming It's all probably because online mods are forbidden, so they have measures in place to cause things to happen... this is probably one of them. I don't know for sure, I won't play their online game.

    I would say that if you keep trying to play online with mods, a ban would be very likely, in the not too distant future. If you're playing online, disable all mods, that is the safest option. I actually thought that ScriptHookV would disable itself anyway if you try and go online with it but as I say, haven't played it, don't know for sure.

    Also, just in case you haven't noticed the forum policies, whilst discussing texture and vehicle mods online is within the boundaries, if the discussion moves to trainer usage and other forms of online cheating, then the thread will end up being locked. So this is just friendly advice to be careful where this thread goes.

  • @DarkSoulGaming said in Empty lobbies after installing mods?:

    @krashadam im not using any trainer.. just the graphics mod and some car's textures replaced and yeah im playing online with mods if those r included

    alt text

    You're not required to use a trainer, you just have to run GTAO with mods for Rockstar to slap you with the ban hammer. You also fuck up everyone else' experience, because when Rockstar sees a modder, they get really fucking anal about it and ban everyone else (don't ask why, that's something that can't be answered) regardless if they are modders or not. And you don't even need to be in an empty lobby to avoid bans. Rockstar sees your account, and they see the files you're running. And whoever interacts with you gets banned as well. Have you seen some of the complaints about the bans after joining a server unaware with a modder in it?

    EDIT: GTA5Mods has a policy about online modding, just in case you didn't know (and so does GTAO for that matter). You're basically affecting this site's rep as well, that's why Rockstar is banning the modders (1 of many reasons, anyway)

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