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[WIP]Touhou preview No models released yet

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    Coming soon to GTAV the long awaited Touhou series Touhou models will be released by either me or my rigger so follow me for important news updates I may release the models here but I going to apply some rules

    No claiming credit for these models not made by you
    No Advertisements for money with these models
    No selling these models on multiplayer accounts for cash if you do I can basically stop or block the downloads
    Please put credits who made the models in your Youtube Channel Desc and link to the source
    No posting my models to other GTA modding sites wind of Intel gets to me quickly I will take action as soon as I hear news that my model been put on another GTA modding site without permission of approval

    I'm not held responsible for anyone's mistakes why should I be sued for mistakes caused by someone else

    The models will be slightly edited but please credit me for releasing the models

    I hate thieves all it takes is one bad person to ruin it for everyone else be grateful to me for producing these models along side with my rigger who is converting the models

    This project is being made by me and Brilleas

    The sole propose is to bring touhou to GTAV for people to have fun all over the world the models is being produced slowly with some delays

    alt text

  • @cirno69 You should put [WIP] if you are still working on this.

    And about those rules, I agree with you. Looking forward for the release.

  • @cirno69 Finally! someone to rig the anime peds ~(≧▽≦)/~
    I‘m looking forward to these :D,
    By the way ,any plan on some other animes,like the Vocaloid or Kancolle ? I can provide you the MMD models for these (I'll try to get the permission from the original authors first to get rid of all the problems)

  • If you could, convert Icemega5 MMD models, they have less stricter rules, and allow conversions on their respective readmes.
    Looking forward to this, GTA V lacks weeaboo shit.

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