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im about to update gta v

  • im going to update gta v, will it effect the mods?

  • @TaylanOran It will mean ScriptHookV won't work until it is updated, so any mods that use it, will stop working. You will have to remove ScriptHookV from your game folder to play it.

  • i know how scripthook works, no need to explain friend, I was just wondering if this particular update would require scripthook to be updated or not. thanks for answering, I dodged a bullet thanks to you

  • @TaylanOran I always try and explain for the benefit of anyone else who might have the same question, no offence was intended. :slight_smile:

    Had I just said "Yes", the next person might have wondered why and would have started a new thread with the same question to find out. I've got my game blocked from the internet for this very reason, it's a pain.

  • @LeeC2202 Thank you, appreciate it. and same, I blocked my internet, I wish someone could make a custom launcher to our settings, it would be awesome. it would certainly make things easier for us

  • @TaylanOran If I could make one, I would do it... anything that would allow us to just stay offline and not have things break would be absolutely perfect.

    I really think they should implement a system that says "We've activated your account for six months without error, you no longer need to activate on a regular basis" just so we could go completely offline and mod the game in peace. :D

  • @LeeC2202 or if Rockstar just sided with the modders and actually made things easier for us, they know we will never give up, and no ones buying shark-cards, especially not PC users so why wont they help us. They are a very greedy company.

  • @TaylanOran I posted this on their twitter feed recently after another of their begging messages during loading.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 looks legit :laughing: I forgot the name of the company but the creators of Fallout 4 accepted that people wanted mods and they put a mod section/option in the game for console and pc users to use. Rockstar needs to take advice from them, the only reason im not complaining so much is because Im waiting for Red Dead 2. if that's not on PC, I might have to march up to their building.

  • @TaylanOran The last game I did any modding on before GTAV was ETS2. Not only did they actively support and encourage modders, they (SCS) actually released a full set of Blender tools for people to do so. That was maps, models, vehicles, everything... even the spline paths for the road segments could be edited/created.

    Same with The Talos Principle, they had full support for the Serious Sam Editor and again, actively encouraged people to build more for their game. Planet Coaster, a recent game encourages customisation and asset sharing in their global community.

    Then again, those are/were all single player games where there was no reason to discourage users from modding the game. R* are blinded by the $$$ signs.

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