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[Script][Animal/Vehicle?] Horse Mod (based on unused game files)

  • Horse mod (or finishing Rockstar's work)

    Okay. Recently i was browsing random GTA videos on Youtube, when i came across these videos by the great Vadim M :

    (It's best explained in the second video)

    The mission described here is "the Sharmshoota job", a cut heist (sadly) where the player had three different choices to rob a safe in a house, taking a lady as hostage while... Riding a horse. That's right.
    Horses were definitely planned to be in the game, as Vadim M points in his video, and here are the main leftovers in the game files :

    • Animations
    • skelettons
    • 50+ unused horse sounds
    • police scanner lines ("the suspect is riding a [any color] horse")
    • .handling, lod and ragdoll .xml files
    • an lod of a horse.

    During the beta, it's believed that the most used term for horses was "quad".

    Now, i'm making my request to scripters ( @CamxxCore, @rappo, @Ortega, @Quechus13 -who already did a horse mod- @Oskar, @JulioNIB, @LeeC2202...) but also to everyone in the community who can help on this project.
    Using the files already present in the game has many advantages, like a good optimization and the fact that anyone who has GTA V can use this script without downloading too much.

    If anything is wrong, or not possible in my request, just tell me. I know it is an ambitious project, but half of the job seems to be already done and left by Rockstar, and if this project can reach its final state, it will look and work like it always had been in the game. :D

    Tagging even more people : @DarthPungz, @Kwebbl, @Akila_Reigns, @Frazzlee, @FoxtrotDelta.
    I would gladly help, because i'm proud of participating in such projects. :slight_smile:

  • @TheSigui Quad haan. thanks for the information. i'll look into it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    slod_large_quadped.ydd is the lod file of the horse.

  • @TheSigui said in [Script][Vehicle?] Horse Mod (based on unused game files):

    slod_large_quadped.ydd is the lod file of the horse.

    thanks ! very useful.

  • @FoxtrotDelta You can find all the.xml and audio ressources by typing "horse" in OpenIV, also.

  • @TheSigui i will :)

  • @TheSigui said in [Script][Vehicle?] Horse Mod (based on unused game files):

    @FoxtrotDelta You can find all the.xml and audio ressources by typing "horse" in OpenIV, also.

    if i am the one who makes the mod, i'll mention you in special thanks. credits. but im not sure when i will make it. may be others will make it before me., especially the people who make ped mods.

  • @FoxtrotDelta This needs to be a collaboration, with everyone, skilled or not, who wants it to be finalized.

  • This would be so cool. I would love to help with the more "functional" part of this mod if someone makes some headway with the actual models. While I was reversing the native audio formats, I came across some more horse related stuff that suggests horses were actually supposed to be included just like any other animal game. Horses were supposed to exist naturally in the world. It would be very neat to bring this back.

  • @CamxxCore its a deal. With you doing the scripts & coding it can be perfect. I can handle the model stuff.

  • @CamxxCore If there any model we need, I know that @Quechus13 had converted a horse from Red Dead Redemption for his mod a while ago. But if there's anything better, that's good.
    Also, if you wonder why the Madrazzo ranch has so many empty stables, don't look further :slight_smile:

  • @CamxxCore @FoxtrotDelta So you are working together on it ?

  • also, Tagging @Think_Tank

  • @TheSigui I am definitely open to this but I can't do much until the model is created. :p

  • @TheSigui No, I just talked to those guys. On skype Mkeezay30 told me that he'd help Quechus13 port the animations, then a few months later he said he wouldn't credit him. I myself am not actually working on it. I AM working on some lore-friendly shirt graphics, though. I'll post some more on my deviant-art and post a link (i have like 5 made but only 1 on deviantart.)

  • @CamxxCore i shall be ready to work on the horse model in 2 weeks time. God willing. if someone else, who has made Ped mods want's to make the model that could be better too, as i don't have much knowledge on ped models and animals. but i am a quick learner.

  • @CamxxCore @FoxtrotDelta https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/horse-mod
    so this one isnt good enough :D? ヾ( ´・∀・‘)ノ

  • @Elope it's good, but not enough ;)

  • @Elope i'll have to make a High quality one with a saddle. the model that is.

  • @Think_Tank So Queechus13 said he wouldn't credit Mkeezay30 for porting the animations ? Why ?

  • @TheSigui Heck if I know, we dropped the subject then and there, sorry.

  • This post is deleted!

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