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[RESOLVED] Why I recode the new updates for non updated versions...

  • Ok so before this gets deleted.... @rappo this is my reasoning for why I create them. I am on my very last warning for mods on my PC account. Therefore, I refuse to mod it at all. Point blank period. I will not put a single mod in my legit copy. However, I like to test out the new vehicles before purchase online. For this reason alone I mod a completely separate gta 5. I can't be the only one who fears an account ban for modding. That is the only reason I create those. NOT to support piracy. I own the game. I would hope my followers do as well. But for those in my shoes this is how I make sure I don't receive that final ban. I would ask that you reconsider my mods for the site. Each one I have done so far has done very well.

  • @xXGARRAPPAXx usually it doesn't get deleted it gets locked. till admin thinks otherwise.

  • I'm just trying to clarify my work. It isn't to support piracy. It's simply to avoid modding my legit copy and risking that final ban.

  • @xXGARRAPPAXx i understand :slight_smile: i have nothing against recoding and your mods. its not my call. its rappo's. i was just clarifying that, we usually lock, threads don't delete them. we = moderators

  • I also understand that I'm just trying to clarify to help the site and community with my work.

  • Thanks, I completely understand and you have told me this several times in the past. However, I won't be accepting these files - sorry but the majority of downloaders are not in the same boat as you, and they want the files to upgrade their pirated games. It is quite apparent that this is the case from the comments that I end up having to clean up on these kinds of uploads, and I'm no longer wanting to support them.

  • Just seems like a shame. But I have to accept it. This is your site and I highly respect it.

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