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GTA community theft problem big issues for mod-makers how site staff can learn from me

  • Theft affects the GTA community and gives an bad rep to Asian communities of modelers

    Its like the GTA-SA community theft of model dispute with Japanese modelers it always has to be one person to fuck shit up for everyone else this is the mod makers worst nightmare you can't even turn your back thinking if your mod will be edited and put back up on release or if your ped model gets posted on other sites hence why there are hardly any anime here except dragon ball , one piece , one punch man , SAO , pokemon all the mods here are mainly skins and scripts what a shame looks like we have to copyright our work from now on the theft issue deterring many Japanese modelers from producing new anime models thus giving Japanese an image on how they feel about the west lets not forget they have forums similar to here where they discuss about the western community in general from deciding to make models to releasing demo versions of the games that gets put for sale to discussing about how they feel about the west not crediting them for their release of models

    An bad image gives Japan an idea how bad the community is if people really want to see more anime here I suggest convincing the Japanese modelers to give the west another chance and forgive it takes a few bad people to screw it up for everyone mean while I came across a forum lately they say the western community gotten out of hand lately due to their models being released without the author's constant so they going to be real strict on the west meaning getting models to convert to GTA 5 will be harder they won't accept "Let me use your model I credit you" they want an oath its like an contract basically states you must follow their guidelines or they will restrict you from using their model in videos lets just say you own an youtube channel with an model of theirs in your video they will copyright your video or ask you to remove the video and not use their model

    Don't assume your out of the clear of their sights

    Your Japanese friends may tell the modeler about your social profiles including pages you could be live streaming an video while they watching your live stream without you knowing it

    Now is the time to ask the Japanese community to forgive and give another chance

    Give reasons why you want forgiveness , be truthful to your words , don't lie to them in general

    Script mod makers needs to put an lock on their scripts

    Releasing an script is like an player ped model this site doesn't got an option to allow authors to put an password and people who wants to use the script have to ask and wait the author to allow permission and asks if the script going to be edited after you give someone the password and asks what propose is it going to be used for

    Improving the image of GTA community by reaching out to the Japanese modelers who has distrusted the west

    Improving one's image is an key to getting modelers to make/ produce models you know reaching out to Asian communities tell them that this community is good and they should release their models because we love modding gta 5 and making videos , live streaming explaining that here takes copyright issues seriously if someone reports someone for copyright infringement the release of the models/ mods the accused person release of the mod gets rejected with an notice of [Violation of Terms of service policy] and may lead an IP bans perm depends on how bad it is in general

    Chatrooms are one way site mods and admins can discuss about ideas with the community

    Feed backs are good it lets the public give opinions this opinion benefits the staff in general as well as the community why not have an chatroom that helps

    Realism theft issues no problem how about we do tests with two different versions of GTAV Torrent and steam
    Side by side comparison of both mods and if the author says someone stole his work claims are true the accused person's released version of mod in question gets rejected and the accused person may get blocked from uploading models for 24 hours with an warning from the staff if the accused person repeats the same offense an instant ban is placed

    Harassment is not acceptable now is the time to be serious

    Hey we get reports a lot if someone gets harassed the site staff can give an warning to the offender who is harassing someone its an 2 strikes your out game 2nd warning will be more serious it explains the offense the user committed is unacceptable in the community restrictions last from 3 days to an 1 month or 3 months to 6 months depends how serve it is the 3rd strike is an perm ban and ip ban IP ban blocks the ip entirely so any account the offender makes prior to the first one getting banned gets banned automatically blocking out access hell one can't even sign up to the site any more or sign in thus the offender is more likely to move away and never come back

    Time for hire aka hire some more new site mods

    More staff on deck means faster response time lets just say your an admin and your staff lives in NA and EU you may need people from Asia and SEA to keep the forums running while you sleep at night you can actually benefit from having 24/7 on duty site mods quicker response time to reports sent quickly , checking the threads faster and accurately for well wrong topics to rants to etc you have no idea what might happen there could be an drama thread while the staff here sleeps and people makes reports of it but the staff is sleeping so an active 24/7 on duty staff is important to handle the forums

    Admin and Moderators needs an facebook page discussing about ways to improve their image , talking about the feedback they get in general to handling complaints about staff mishandling

    An page for the site admin and moderators would be helpful if the admin gets an complaint about one moderator in question the admin can asked the moderator who was accused what happened and what caused the conflict in general it could be anywhere from mishearing what was said to misunderstanding they discuss how to improve the community's image and convincing Asian modelers to produce models for the community and talk about how to improve their service to the community

    May need to keep watch for other GTA modding sites

    Just because you assumed your model is used for entertainment proposes you need to make sure your model doesn't end up on another gta modding site if I were you I just check other gta modding sites just to be sure your model is not uploaded there

    Surveys are staff's best friends

    Why not make surveys for people to state their opinions on how the staff is handling things in general you know rate them on performance by star ratings this gives staff an idea how the public feels and how the staff can do to improve for the community

    alt text

  • Okay. Who is this guy? Where has he come from? What's with the "Japanese-are-offended-so-ask-for-forgiveness" write-up he's got going on here? And why does he embody/represent a 'Japanese modding community' that that thinks they're the first people to be robbed of credit??

  • It's trash when someone steals your model, but man, the Japanese Moders are not the only one haha, and I never seen any anime model ported to gta v. Just like 3. Also, you can lock your model with zmodeler. And give us the names, we won't know by magic.

  • @cirno69 said in GTA community theft problem big issues for mod-makers how site staff can learn from me:

    your staff lives in NA and EU you may need people from Asia and SEA to keep the forums running while you sleep at night..

    Actually this Forum has two moderators from Asia, me and @FoxtrotDelta.

  • @Spud You know, I respected this person's first post and commended them for their attitude but for someone to post all this, yet also has to post duplicate threads because they have a friend who can't even export models, I am starting to lose that sense of respect.

    In all honesty, I have followed Japanese culture for all of the 30 years I have been developing games and for a long time before that. Never in all that time, have I seen any one person represent that culture in such a hostile and negative way as this. If this Japanese modeling community believes that this person is their best ambassador, then I would say that community has a problem much bigger than the protection of their models.

    There are already people on this site that do a fine job of representing the Asian modding community. So I would suggest that this person loses their god complex and spends some time observing people like @Akila_Reigns and @FoxtrotDelta to get a better grasp of how to conduct yourself on the site and how to become positive and important parts of this community.

    I am actually very tempted to start up a conversation with someone called Jun'ya Ōta, who I am sure this person knows. See what he thinks of how his work is being touted round the world in such a fashion. It's always interesting to hear a fellow developer's opinion when their product/creation/IP is being advertised/promoted in such a hostile way.

    And that's the thing that this person has no understanding of... when you take someone else's IP (because let's not forget, Touhou is nothing to do with this poster, it belongs to Jun'ya Ōta) and you go on this type of campaign, not only are you degrading the modeling community that you are allegedly representing but you are severely tarnishing the image and reputation of that IP. Does this user have the right to do that? Have they been given permission by Jun'ya Ōta to represent his IP on modding forums in such a way? It would be interesting to find out.

    I mean, can you imagine if Team Shanghai Alice wanted to expand into Europe and the US and then discovered that this person had been painting such a terrible picture of what they represent? Suddenly your vocal actions start to have financial consequences for the IP that you are supposed to be protecting... and that's something that most developers will not tolerate. I know we used to be forbidden from partaking in any activity on forums, that could be seen to negatively affect the company or IP we were involved with. It has huge implications for the company.

    And that's the other side of communities like this, that this person fails to recognise... it's not just all full of users and modders, it has developers in it as well. And whilst this person might be seen to be speaking for the modeling community, their actions are also being watched by the people speaking for the development community. And in instances like this, where we see one person speaking for a company they have nothing to do with, we will also take action to make sure that company knows about it.

  • @LeeC2202 I picked up on his zmodeler help as well.
    I think this guy is a lone ranger unofficially part of the Japanese group he speaks for/of. He wants Touhou characters in GTA V but the Japanese group refuse to and say "No" because of previous bad experience. Hence, he wants help with Zmodler 3 to export his own Touhou models under the alias of a "friend".

    Conspiracy theories....

  • @Spud Well that was the weird thing, his requests were for help in exporting from 3DS Max. Anyone who knows anything about GTAV modding, would know that exporting for the game has to be done with ZModeler3.

    You can export from Max to get objects for ZModeler to use (I know that part because I had to ask Oleg to re-write part of the OBJ importing to work with some XPS files I've got... it had a problem with absolute paths for the matlib) but you can't export from Max straight to GTAV... AFIK. If you could do that... that would be the dreams of many modders come true.

    Now exporting from 3DS Max is as about as easy as it gets, it really is... so if that's the stumbling block... We will have to see what appears.

  • @LeeC2202 True. I'm sensing a beginner. A very green beginner in modelling and GTA V modding

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