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[vehicle][WIP] AC-130 Gunship High Quality

  • Add-on Vehicle

    Real C-130 model converted into a Gunship, will feature

    2 * 20mm explosive Minigun cannons with a fixed firing position, increased rate of fire, range and real names set as a new weapon type.

    1 * 40mm Borfors cannon with a semi automatic fire rate, increased range and larger explosion and explosion fx

    1* 105mm M102 cannon with increased range, massive explosion and fx and custom shell model which will be noticeable with slow mo shots

    The interior is the from the GTA V Titan, I have a little more work to go on the interiors

    I have completed the model to roughly 80 percent and will be setting up the weapons and releasing the mod in the next few days.

    It will be possible to release with some uv templates as it will support liveries

    alt text

  • alt text

  • if it looks this good in zmodeler 3 . i wonder how much great looking it will be in the game once inside it!!! Go for it. BTW, is the model from ACE combat?

  • @esrohraw And you are from Pakistan too???

  • @SkylineGTRFreak there goes yours and my aspirations of converting an AC-130! i wanted to convert it so bad. but since you said you are doing it. i left it all alone! anyways. atleast we shall have it in the game. i hope it is good.

  • @FoxtrotDelta This will do for now its a nice model that I found at T3dm, I think it was a C 130 Hercules, Im just chucking the guns on and calling it and Ac-130, So no reason you shouldnt convert one aswell plus there are few variations of it.

    It did'nt have any real textures but was kind of UV mapped.

    I have the Titan interior modified to fit inside now Just need to map the cockpit to look better than the vanilla titan textures and cover up my extrusions.

    The outside is pretty high polly but works fine ingame so far, It just needs some decent liveries made but i cant do textures need some help with that. I thought it would look great to see like rivets and stuff and panels withdirt accumulated around the borders,
    and a spectre decal maybe some millitary decals too.

    Rigt now i have a black camo and black theme but the transitions from camo to black arent smooth its just a hard line.

  • @esrohraw hmm Good luck! i might make a Version in future. but not immediately as i have other projects going on. looking forward to your AC-130!. give it good firepower! and where are you from in Pakistan? i am from Azad Kashmir.

  • This is really cool! How is it progressing?

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