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PArts of map missing?

  • See photos here:

    Trying to figure out what is causing this. It just recently started and all I've installed recently are a few script mods and visualv, euphoria ragdoll overhaul, realism dispatch enhanced and that's it.

    Does anyone know what files would be causing this issue? If I can narrow it down to a certain file, (example: x64v.rpf, x64i.rpf, etc.) I can hopefully narrow down my mods to figure out what exactly is causing this issue.


  • @MisFitz im not sure of the cause. but this issue happens, if the new updated files mess with the old ones. Run an integrity Test on steam version of GTA 5. it will update missing files, or corrupted ones .

  • I did just update my game so that may be it. However I copied the new update.rpf into my mods folder and only install things into my mods folder.

    How do I run an integrity test on the social club (retail) version?

  • @FoxtrotDelta or you can follow these steps if the above link does not work for you. but i think the above link is much better and Easy.
    1 First, go where you have installed the gtav.exe my is in C:\Programmi\GTAVLauncher.exe

    2 Now create a shortcut of gtavlauncher.exe, right click and hit proprieties, now you have to add -verify after your directory here an example

    C:\Programmi\GTAVLauncher.exe -verify

    apply and save

    3 Done, hit the shortcut and the verify will start!

  • happened to me when peds were spawning in a modded car with tuning on it (if you've replaced franklin's buffalo2, set all tunings to 0, could be that) it would come back as normal when leaving the area or destroying the vehicle, if it does that all the time well see delta's solution

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