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[Solved] Game Crashes After Update Install

  • I cannot get the game going I installed all the new updates but when I go to story mod the game crashes I am even using the Gameconfig (1.0.944.2) for Limitless Add-On Vehicles 5.0 Witch I used last time can someone help me

  • This post is deleted!

  • I deleted dsound.dll from the Main Directory, game runs now :smile:

  • @G1Convoy uninstall some add ons and see if it helps.

  • Nope Nothing

  • @G1Convoy I am currently reinstalling because everything WAS fine but then i exit and went back in and it said corrupted game data and i found out that it was somehow the openiv file that was corrupted and i still dunno what happened lol

  • The Game Crashes I do not understand why I did everything I did before and yet still crashes

  • I had the same issue. Correcting the extratitleupdate and taking out any and all script mods made it 100% stable. I'm in the process of adding back in the scripts and other asi files a couple at a time to see if any are causing the crash and what doesn't work at all like Burnout Wheelie. I really wanted that one to work.

  • nope did not work nothing happend samething game just crashes when I mod the DLClist and thats just one addon Car

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