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[ERR_FIL_PACK_1] Game Error?

  • Hi, is anyone getting the [ERR_FIL_PACK_1] Game Error after the update?

    I have around 60 add-on cars, but after removing them and then adding them back, I realized they did not cause the problem as I was using the new gameconfig.xml. Basically, google searches showed me that this error comes from the add-on and/or gameconfig but this is NOT the case for me as removing the scripts folder allows me to play the game with 0 problem.

    However, adding back the scripts folder from (SP Apartment mod by I'm not Mental), this error shows up. It's so weird, I have updated gameconfig.xml, copied the new x64 and update folder into the mods folder, and have updated the newest scripthook V. I have all the requirements as listed on his instructions, such as the community hook, SH V, and those VC redistribution things. Thus, I am curious as to why I'm getting this problem and is there any fix for it or does this mod need to be updated?

  • The only error I'm getting in the launcher log is unknown causes and or STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION statements. Have I been secretly banned or something?

  • @negnoodles I have this exact same situation and similarly modded game.. I have sadly not been able to find a solution..

  • @racecar95 I've tried EVERY gameconfig (all 3 LOL) that supports the newest patch. None can fix this problem at all....sigh...I'm surprised so little people are experiencing this that no one's pushing it

  • @negnoodles its rather simple really if you narrowed it down to 1 script file then it needs to be updated for the newest 1.0944 patch and you cant use it till then. No gameconfig file will help with script files. Gameconfig is purely for addon cars and helping with adding more textures into the game thats it.

  • usually script files need to have an updated scripthookv and scripthookv dotnet update and if that still doesnt work then the author of the script mod needs to update the mod for the newest game patch.

  • Hi, so I'm guessing no one has yet found a fix for this right? No updated gameconfig, and no one seems to actually have bypassed this at all other than playing vanilla or limiting add-on vehicles...

  • So I am new to GTA 5 Modding/Add-ons and had the "ERR_FIL_PACK_1" issue as you can see in my previous comment. However, i fixed it, it was such a silly thing. I am not sure if it will be the same for everyone. When you add a car, put the DLC file where it goes in "Grand Theft Auto V/Update/x64/dlcpacks/" Then fill the "dlclist.xml" part. You should then ignore the part that goes in "extratitleupdatedata.meta".

    For example BMW X5, The file comes with "<Item>dlcpacks:\x5om</Item>" to put in dlclist.xml, which you should.

    But ignore this part which goes in extratitleupdatedata.meta.
    "<Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">
    I hope this helps.

    By the way i use the gameconfig by F7YO.

    The car i used as example is:

    Good Luck!

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