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All mods Gone

  • I installed a few more mods recently. then i open the game. The game runs way much faster, lesser memory consumption in task manager, but all the add-on cars and dlc's are gone! Help...

    EDIT: Script mods are still working tho

  • @LeDanky check if the add on mods are still there in dlcpacks or not if they are, in there. All you have to do is write kissing entries in dlclist file.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Everything is in there. Dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata.xml are also have been modified. but it seems to be not working. instead the game runs without mods AND dlc's. *i recently updated my nvidia driver. maybe that's the problem?

  • @LeDanky no drivers don't do it. usually add on mods go missing because of stock unmodified gameonfig file. or delted dlclist entries.

    get the latest gameconfig file according to your game version.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I've re-checked all the dlc, downloaded a gameconfig.xml, and the result is still the same

  • @LeDanky Do you have an OpenIV.log (or OpenIV.txt) file in your main GTAV folder? If so, are there any errors in there?

  • @LeeC2202 Never mind, it was the map builder mod that causes the problem since it adds Waay too much objects to the game. i removed the mod and everything is working as it should now. by the way, thanks for the help

  • @LeDanky No problem, glad you got it sorted... and thank you for posting the solution, that kind of information is very useful for others with a similar problem.

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