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Import/export vehicles not behaving...

  • Im having a lot of fun with the new vehicles but they are immune to the "Vehicle God Mode" of the simple trainer. Even tho I used it to spawn them. The LeeFix speedo will still flash red upon damage & im seeing a overheating warning at the bottom of my screen, then the vehicles will die. (Quicky minimized & checked MSI afterburner thinking my CPU was toast... haha). Im also experiencing major world pop-in while only driving the new vehicles. O.o

    On a side note, im kind of dissapointed the ramp buggy & wedge semi act like they have a conveyor belt on them... Launching traffic much further than I expected un-realistically.

  • Try Enhanced Native Trainer. It has god mode that is immune to everything including scratches. The downside is if you have full god mode on any vehicle with moving parts or turrets will reset to the straight forward position. Oh and the harrier always switches thrust mode to hover.

  • @GetTheClicker I already noticed that Cars like the Ramp Buggies,the Phantom Wedge and the armored Boxville seem to have some sort of scripted Lifetime,no matter if you set your Trainer to Vehicle God Mode.
    After scooping or ramming around 25 Cars,the Ramp Buggy will start to smoke,same with the Phantom Wedge and the Armored Boxville.
    I think they included it so the Cars won't become overpowered online.

  • I don't have that issue. I hit way more than 50 with full god mode enabled and the car lasted longer than I did. It just got boring lol.

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