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Looking for scripts and mods that add much more to single player.

  • I won't lie, I got the lifetime ban. I don't regret it, the pay to play shark cards are straight BS so I cheated. I mainly gave friends and anyone in need all the cash they ever needed including myself. Helped anyone get through the heists with ease but there was always that one guy who just couldn't get it right.

    So here I am looking for ideas, anything and everything to increase the fun offline. Share yours pleeeeease. I've heard about MultiFive but unsure if it's worth it. Would my current mods still work?

  • Lmao got the perma ban too awhile back for the same thing.. but you should just stroll through the scripts catagory and have a look for yourself might take a while to find some of the really good ones but you'll definitely find some also look in the misc catagory for some good stuff

  • @GetTheClicker Ive never even played online because of this site. Never had to. Try out some world texture mods to freshen up the view & the scripts/miscellaneous categorys alone can keep you busy for months as it has for me.

  • I have a good handful but it never seems like it's enough. Drag races, yachts, extra missions etc.

  • @GetTheClicker Go play some other games then and come back to gta 5 after playing a few and it'll be much more fun

  • @GetTheClicker oh man... Im up to almost 30 scripts & 15 .asi mods now. Im almost out of hotkeys to assign since I always have them all installed at once. XD

    If you have a nice strong PC
    Check out the texture mods Project Reload, Redux, LA Roads & LA vegetation. They are amazing. Replace textures in .ytd files & completely reinvent your game.

    In openIV, hit control+f3 & search for gtxd.rpf. Thats the main world texture file. That'll keep you busy... haha

  • Hit a bump. Something somewhere is causing a zlib error. Running a file checker and it looks like there's a few errors. I think I have more fun tinkering and fixing my GTA than I do playing it....

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