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Disable auto updates

  • I've never done it and twice I've screwed myself. I have a hard copy bought from Best Buy. Not steam.

    I went into my firewall through windows 7 and unticked it but I don't think that worked.

  • Steam doesn't have a built in way to Turn off auto updating, only thing I could do is have it wait for me to launch the game.. But I want to totally force it to stop updating.

    I just want Alexander Blade's mods to work such as ScripthookV & Native Trainer and the newer one, enhanced trainer which allows you to "Save" a vehicle config so You can respawn it anytime.

    If anyone knows how to tell the steam updater to SHOVE IT I would be amazed.

    I don't mind other games getting updated, but this game in particular, I just want to have it stay at a working version long enough for Blade to catch up and release a mod that would work with newer versions automatically..

    I have already tried to revert the updated files to no avail...

    A side note, I do NOT USE trainers online.. I don't even play online...

    machete red writer at Dissertation help.

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