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Ramp Buggy

  • Can some developer please make the New Ramp Buggy from GTA online please..

  • @k3vyn23 Just use a trainer and spawn it. :)

  • hahah the ramp car doesnt flip cars for me? is that because of top speed and handling mods?

  • not for import export for update.rpf

  • @Beeber96 said in Ramp Buggy:

    not for import export for update.rpf dipshit

                                               Excuse me! what was that?                                                         

    if you use, pirated, gta 5. the the special vehilces and stuff will not work. as the exe has been changed. your account as been flaged, please do remember, discussions about console modding, pirated content & or online modding/cheating are not allowed on this website you have been warned,

    Please read the rules & guidelines of the community, offensive comments or Cursing will not be tolerated.

  • i have the legitimate game and put my mods in the mods folder all i was saying was i put someone elses handling.meta in my update.rpf and that causes my buggy not to tip cars it works without the mod just not with it i was just saying i havent edited my importexport handling just my update and i cant find dune4/5 in update handling.meta

  • @Beeber96 if you want to revert back changed, to your game, just replace mods folder files, with the files from outside mods folder.
    or you could do an integrity Test. if dune buggy still does not, flip cars or special vehicles don't work.

    As far as i know. flipping cars is not a handling thing` it is hard coded into the wedge dummy i could be wrong. not 100% sure.

  • yeah i think it was another mod that was causing it i just deleted my mods folder and they all work

  • @Beeber96 Good. you got it working.

  • yeah cheers

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