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Can't use addon cars

  • I have all my addon folders in the dlcpacks folder, but my dlclist, gameconfig and extratitleupdatedata in my game changed because of the update. I took all my car addon code from my old dlc list then applied it the new one, same with extratitleupdatedata and also I put in a updated copy of the gameconfig mod in. When I start the game, I get an errror ERR_FILE_PACK 1 saying I need to restart the game.

    Any solutions?

  • I restored the original dlclist and extratitleupdatedata and it works now, but still can't spawn addon vehicles.

  • @kolt you need the the latest gameconfig file to spawn those vehicles.

  • Yes, I used this and this

  • @kolt fair enough. please try Skip the extratitleupdate step. sometimes it messes with the game. its not needed for most mods anyway. use the default extratittleupdate file that came with the update from rockstar. don't modifiy it. i believe editing it is not necessary.
    please try this for Last resort. let me know if it works. although it has no link with DLC's but may be it can help. not sure

  • Okay, I tried using just the dlclist and this game config. It launched but it said GTA 5 has stopped working instead of the normal error.

  • @kolt you will have to perform an integrity test on the game.

  • I tried that before. I will again. Will post back with the result.

  • @kolt but don't put mods in the game yet. first get the normal game running.

  • I'm actually having the exact same issue now. Keep us updated kolt. I'm trying some of the same stuff.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I've run integrity tests on the game and that doesn't seem to work either. I've successfully gotten the game to work with a few add-on cars (5 of them) but it seems like anything past that, I get a FILE_PACK_1 error. I can also run the game with modified dlclist, extratitleupdate and gameconfig files but without the add-on cars in the dlcpacks folder.

  • @MisFitz i have seen this problem. being reported, a few times since the update import/export even from modders, i myself tested 13 add on vehicles successfully. didn't try anymore. my game is in steam download que and i have no way of testing it out for you guys, i might be able to help on this in 2 days time, when my game actually finishes downloading. until that time, i hope someone else, steps in and helps out.


    @FoxtrotDelta The problem's the amount of new vehicles added to the game. As example, before the update, all my Add-On packs were working perfect, now, I only can use 8 of them (3 of them about cars, if I add more DLC packs of peds or something else game won't crash, it only crashes when I try to add just 1 more vehicle or pack of vehicles).

    @MisFitz @kolt
    I'm actually waiting for a private pre-update of F7YO gameconfig to test it and see if my game starts working with all the packs again.

    Be patient please, tomorrow we will test more until all starts working well again and then he will release an update.

  • @Reyser people are making private versions of Gameconfigs now! omg.


    @FoxtrotDelta Just for a while, but ye XD

  • @Reyser Alright, awesome! Let us know if it ends up working. Thanks!!


    @MisFitz @FoxtrotDelta We're currently trying (but I'll stop very soon because I have last exam tomorrow before Christmas), and for F7YO, his gameconfig works well to him and not for me, but for me the MAESTRE gameconfig works +- well (except for Map Textures that are not present on some areas) and not for him LOL. That's so strange.

  • After trying every line in gameconfig.xml, I couldn't get past the ERR_FILE_PACK1
    The fix was to simply prevent the last DLC to load by removing
    In the dlclist.xml

  • @Diab0 What results did that yield? No more crashes at all anymore? Doesnt that also mean no more import/export vehicles?

    Also, have you tried using SP apartments + addon cars? Cus that's where I'm getting my crashes and without SP apartments, i can actually add unlimited add-on vehicles.

    BTW I DID edit my extratitle file, and it still worked. In fact on my end, using the vanilla one guaranteed a crash, so I had to stick with my modded one

  • No more crashes. I do not care about DLC vehicles, only mines. I do not use SP apartments.

  • @negnoodles Indeed, if you remove anything from the dlclist there wont be DLC cars anymore... Sadly

  • So is that the only solution at the moment? Removing the DLC cars to be able to use more addon cars?


    @MisFitz Sadly it seems to be. I tried a lot of things to make the game work with all my 329 Add-On's (6 vehicle packs), but without success. Last one I'll try in some hours is to do the same but in a clean GTA install, without any type of mod, just the latest update, my own DLC packs and a new gameconfig.xml.


    @Reyser I also cannot get any addon vehicles to work since update... saddness...

  • If you have any issues with add-ons try using BOTH of the gameconfig mods because i had an issue where one completely didn't work at all and the other works perfectly

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