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Can't use addon cars


    @DarthPungz @MisFitz @ahmed023 @Diab0 @kolt

    Please guys, If before the last update all your Add-On's were working fine, now they don't because a ERR_FIL_PACK_1 and you don't have Benny's Motorworks mod, try to do that:

    Step 1: Clean your mods folder (OpenIV folder) and put the original GTA files there without any mod.
    Step 2: Once you did the Step 1, add your DLC Add-On packs to it. Now add to the dlclist.xml the respective lines for each of them and install again the gameconfig.xml by F7YO.
    Step 3: Start your game and be sure that you can play.

    If now your game works with all your Add-On's installed, you can continue modifying your game as you had it before but with the new installation.

    If you have Benny's Motorworks installed, REMOVE IT, it's causing this bug too! IT WORKED for me ;)

    @FoxtrotDelta @LeeC2202 @Akila_Reigns Something of the mentioned above should be the fix for most of the people.

  • @Reyser

    Just did few tests. I have benny installed, and with or without I'm crashing if I don't remove mpbiker from dlclist.


    @Diab0 What I did to fix it in my game was all the mentioned on my last comment here, a clean install + removed Benny's. I have to say that ERR_FIL_PACK_1 was appearing after the clean install too, before I removed the script. Maybe yours is a different problem with another script mod?

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  • @Reyser When I remove just benny's or all my script mods, my game just gets the classic "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working" error and crashes during loadup.


    @MisFitz Then, you had 2 problems, and you just solved 1 of them. Now you have to see why the other one occurs. Look at ".log" files generated on your main GTA5 folder to see if they says something interesting.

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