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Add on cars conflict

  • After the recent update from rock star, my gta5 refused to load after the second loading screen. I removed all my add on cars and the game works normally. I downloaded and installed another add on car and the game works fine.

    Using the add on car i just downloaded as a template, i renamed everything and replaced the yft, ytd files and the game works, but when I installed the add on car, the game crashed on the second screen again.

    I felt there was a conflict within the package but I cant find it.

  • @carface80 you need the Latest Gameconfig File. you can dowload it form the mods section. use the search box. let us know, if it works for you.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I tried that, it didn't work, initially i only had 4 add on cars, right now I only have 2 add on cars.

    When i created my add on cars, I re-used the add on directories and some of the meta files. GTA game engine used to tolerate it, but the new update trigger a crash. I suspect the modkit is doing it...

  • @carface80 add ons do work, for people who have the new custom gamecofig file. only you can findout what's causing the crash for your game.

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